Creating the Swimming Pool of Your Dreams with a Pool Restoration

A pool restoration can transform an older swimming pool into a pristine personal oasis while enhancing the appearance and value of your home. In addition to giving pools a more modern look, a restoration can increase safety, change the structure, and add eco-friendly improvements to your swimming pool.

Updated appearance — A swimming pool restoration can provide a much-needed facelift to a tired property and add value to a home.

Increased safety — Advancements to safety technology are made every year in the swimming pool industry. Older pools should be inspected and updated to maximize safety and comply with changes to municipal building codes.

Meet changing needs — A restoration can renew your pool for the way you want to use it tomorrow, not the way it was used yesterday. Shoreline can deepen the shallow or deep ends of the pool, add a spa, expand a pool deck for entertaining, or install almost any other upgrade.

Improved operations — A new swimming pool heater, filtration, or sanitation system can improve your pool’s comfort and functionality and help save money on energy costs. State–of-the-art control systems give you more options in operating your swimming pool.

Environmentally friendly, efficient operations — We can upgrade your pool with the latest green technology innovations for heating, cleaning, and operating. Saving money and the environment could be as easy as installing an automated pool cover or solar pool heaters.

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From one client

My wife and I are thrilled with the pool! Shoreline did a fantastic job and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and all of your colleagues at Shoreline for a most professional job. The Pool is a gem.
— Leslie C.

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