Landscape Architecture: Outdoor Living Design and Space Planning

Landscape Architecture is a design discipline that has been gaining significant attention in recent years. More than just flowers and trees, landscape architecture is the design and planning of outdoor living spaces – a diversified design profession with consideration of environmental, mathematical, physical, and social principles. A Professional Landscape Architect (PLA) is required to undergo specific education, testing and continuing education requirements to earn and maintain a professional license in each state. PLAs may be disciplined to design everything from small gardens to swimming pools to large scale regional spaces including parks, campuses and urban development.

Working with a Professional Landscape Architect to design your swimming pool is an enormous asset not only in terms of the quality of design but also in execution; landscape architecture is the voice that communicates your vision to installation contractors and specialized professions ensuring that the final project meets aesthetic, environmental, legal and financial expectations.

Our in-house landscape architecture team, led by John De Feo, PLA, designs swimming pools, outdoor living & entertaining spaces, exterior structures, softscape planting plans and much more. We work with our clients to carefully bring their ideas to life while balancing form and function of the landscape, and we have the unique ability to design of all landscape elements internally or partner with outside firms to consult on and guide the design-to-construction process.

Swimming Pool Design

Designing a swimming pool starts with a series of fact-finding questions and discussion topics. Then, taking into consideration the homeowner’s vision, current and lasting design trends, anticipated use, existing environmental features and restrictions, safety and costs, a unique pool design is created for each customer. The current trend in the Northeast is a classic rectangle pool with an automatic cover, however the customization options for interior features like spas, sunshelves and vanishing edges are limitless.

Outdoor Living Design

Outdoor living is the concept of enjoying interior amenities outdoors. When designing outdoor living and entertaining spaces, the objective is to create a comfortable and inviting environment that identifies dedicated spaces to carry out different functions and activities including, cooking, eating, gathering and relaxing. A well-planned design will invite family and friends to enjoy the outdoors from spring into fall using features like outdoor kitchens, firepits, covered patios and multi-media entertainment systems.

Softscape Design & Planting Plans

In addition to designing and building architectural features for your swimming pool and entertaining spaces, our landscape architecture team can design the softscape areas throughout your property and surrounding your swimming pool. Gardens, planting beds, year-round interest, shade elements, privacy screening and lighting should work together to enhance and highlight the beauty of the property and complete your swimming environment.

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