Tips for Owners: Safely Storing Swimming Pool Chemicals

Attention to pool safety should not end once everybody is out of the pool. We urge all pool owners to trust pool cleaning, water maintenance, and chemical storage to our certified professionals, but if you decide to handle these responsibilities on your own, please use the utmost caution. Homeowners must adhere to the recommended safety guidelines below for use and storage of chemicals and products that keep swimming pools and pool water clean. While safe and effective when used properly, chemicals used in pool maintenance and pool cleaning can be dangerous if mishandled.

  • Keep all chemicals in the original container and the lids securely sealed when not in use.
  • Store chemicals in a cool, dry place away from other chemicals, equipment, and products used for lawn or home maintenance such as but not limited to lawn mowers, fuel, lubricants, pesticides, solvents, paint, and fertilizers.
  • Do not stack containers.
  • Do not pour water into chemicals.
  • Do not mix different chemicals or combine the same chemical from old and new containers. Use a clean scooper for each chemical.
  • Use protective devices to avoid inhalation and contact with skin or eyes. Immediately wash any residue from skin.
  • Keep chemicals out of reach of children and pets.
  • Beware of torn, faded, or illegible labels. If you do not know exactly what is in a container, do not use the chemical.
  • Keep a detailed maintenance log and chemical inventory including purchase dates for each chemical.
  • In case of emergency, call 911.

Remember, we have a variety of pool care plans for customers from New Canaan and Stamford to Garrison and Cold Spring, Nyack and Ramapo, and throughout the New York tri-state region. We serve Mount Pleasant, Pelham, Rye, Scardsdale and all towns in the Westchester County area as well. Call or email us to speak to a representative who can help find the right service solutions to meet your needs – all our employees are professionally trained in pool safety, and no company in the Northeast has more certified pool technicians than Shoreline Pools.

From one client

I would like to take this means of informing you that I have been working with Cesar D. for the last season and he has been most helpful and has managed to service our pool on a timely basis. It is devoted employees such as Cesar that make a customer a lifetime one at Shoreline Pools.
Very truly yours,
— David L.

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Chlorine Generating Systems
A Chlorine Generating System, also known as a Salt Generating System, reduces the harsh swimming pool environment that can harm hair, bathing suits, and the environment. These swimming pool sanitization systems convert salt to chlorine salt naturally. Pool water feels as comfortable as bathwater. High-efficiency pumps and filters save energy, conserve water, reduce noise, and minimize maintenance. Variable speed pumps can typically cut energy use by as much as 90% and save well over $1,000 in annual utility costs.

Automated Pool Controls
Tackle rising utility costs with automated pool controls that synchronize all your pool equipment operations, facilitating proper performance, and minimizing pool maintenance problems. And to reduce the environmental impact, install a low NOx emission pool heater, which emits the lowest level of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx), one of the primary contributors to smog and acid rain.

Automatic Pool Covers
Pool restorations are great opportunities to incorporate green technologies that simplify pool care. Automatic pool covers, operated by hassle free remote controls, save both energy and maintenance costs in heated pools and keep pools cleaner and safer. By reducing heat loss, swimming pool covers minimize pool heater usage, cutting costs of eventual equipment replacement as well as utility bills.

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