Save on Service when you Support Shoreline Pools

New for 2020, we’ve introduced a Customer Referral Bonus program to thank our customers for their loyalty and confidence in Shoreline Pools. Complete the form below to refer friends and family who may be interested in Service, Renovation of an existing pool or patio and/or new Construction offerings from Shoreline Pools.

    Customer Name:

    Customer Account Number:

    We use the account number to accurately apply referral credits. If you do not know your customer account number, please contact your Area Service Team.

    Customer Email:

    Referral Name:

    Referral Town:

    Referral Phone:

    Referral Email:

    Referral Type:

    Referral Bonus Opportunities:

    • New Service Account = $150
    • New Renovation Project = $250
    • New Construction Project = $500

    Referral Bonus Program Details:

    • When your referral signs a contract with Shoreline Pools, you receive a Referral Bonus credit applied directly to your Service account. The credit will be applied within 30 days of receiving the signed contract.
    • When your referral signs a contract with Shoreline Pools, THEY receive the same Referral Bonus credit applied directly to their Service account.
    • There is no limit to the number of Referral Bonuses you can earn. For example, if you refer 3 different Construction prospects, and all 3 sign contracts with Shoreline Pools, you will earn a total Referral Bonus credit of $1,500!
    • There is no expiration on Referral Bonus credits; leftover credits or credits earned in the off-season will be rolled into the next season.
    • Customers can earn only 1 Referral Bonus type for each referral. The bonus will be given on the first agreement type signed with Shoreline Pools. For example, if you refer a new Renovation project, you will earn the $250 Renovation bonus, however you will not be eligible to receive an additional bonus if the referral subsequently signs a Service agreement.
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