Quality Swimming Pool Services in Briarcliff Manor, NY

With over 50 years of unmatched service, Shoreline Pools has served homeowners living in the nearby Briarcliff Manor area. The licensed and knowledgeable Shoreline Pools restoration and construction teams will exceed your expectations with our state-of-the-art pool features and endless design options. Our pool designers, landscape architects, construction specialists, and other professionals will help shape the swimming pool of your dreams and turn it into reality. Shoreline Pools is one of the few pool service companies that can provide a full cadre of offerings, pool equipment, and a fleet of pool servicing team.

How Often Should Homeowners Clean a Pool?

Owning a swimming pool comes with routine maintenance procedures that include adding chemicals, vacuuming the pool floor, and ridding your pool of debris. While some pools may look clean and inviting, an expert pool cleaner can spot when a pool suffers from a poor maintenance schedule. Aside from causing health hazards, unsanitary practices can also reduce a pool’s longevity. Neglecting your pool can influence conditions such as green water, broken filters, and algae build up.

Cleaning your pool is one of the best ways to avoid a variety of maintenance problems. For most residential pools, once per week is sufficient, but you have to stick to that regimen. To get the hard-to-reach debris and decrease the number of chemicals you need to add, you should vacuum the pool weekly or buy an automated vacuum that runs daily. The vacuum goes over the surface of the pool in the same way you clean a floor.

Homeowners can set up weekly or bi-weekly pool service to fit your schedule and budget. By hiring a professional pool company, you can make sure your pool gets cleaned properly. You also don’t have to buy a lot of heavy-duty equipment, plus, you will have more time soaking up some sun.

What are Pool Shock Treatments?

Pool chemistry is a critical step in maintaining the ideal swimming pool environment. Pool shock refers to a granular oxidizer, a powdered form of chlorine used in pool water treatment, which breaks apart chloramines (also known as combined chlorine), raises your water’s chlorine level, and kills algae, bacteria or other harmful pathogens.

While somewhat similar, chlorine and shock both have stark differences. Pool shock treatment has a more intense chemical strength than the traditional chlorine sanitizers, and it also differs in how you should apply it to your swimming pool.

Pool owners shock their pools after opening the pool for the season, after extended periods of hot weather, and after heavy usage. More specifically, homeowners should shock a pool when combined chlorine exceeds 0.2. Most pool owners shock their pools once every 1-2 weeks, which can keep your chlorine level up and prevent algae growth. After using a chlorine-based shock, you should wait at least 8 hours before going back into the pool.

Luxury Pool Services in Briarcliff Manor, NY

Briarcliff Manor is a suburban village in Westchester County, located 30 miles north of New York City. Set in a picturesque and historic region along the Hudson River, Briarcliff Manor is one of the most popular destinations for families looking to relocate to Westchester County, New York. Briarcliff Manor is easily accessible via Route 9, Route 9A, Route 100, Saw Mill River Parkway, and Taconic State Parkway. Further, the Metro-North Railroad makes regular stops at the Village’s Scarborough Train Station, giving Briarcliff Manor residents the opportunity to commute to New York City by train.

Family-friendly recreational opportunities are bountiful in Briarcliff Manor. The village operates a large recreation department that hosts year-round opportunities for residents of both the village and the Briarcliff Manor school district. The department also operates a pool, open during the summer months, and a day camp for children in kindergarten through eighth grade. Programs include fitness and athletics for adults and children. The Summercliff Players is an organization for teens interested in musical theater. The public library, housed in the village’s original train station, offers computer classes and book discussion groups and programs for kids and teens.

Welcome to Shoreline Pools: The Top Pool Servicing Company in NY

From pool renovations and new construction projects to weekly maintenance packages, Shoreline Pools has the talent and tools to transform your backyard space into an all-inclusive paradise complete with charming waterfalls, breathtaking fountains, cabanas, fireplaces, and crystal clear water. Equipped with advanced 3D technology and backed by years of experience, Shoreline Pool’s staff meets today’s strict safety and environmental requirements.

Family-owned Shoreline Pools brings professional talent to all personalized pool projects in the nearby Briarcliff Manor area. The skilled Shoreline pool restoration team will elevate your living space with a multitude of design options and state-of-the-art systems. For more information about our wide range of pool services, contact the Shoreline team by dialing (203) 357-1544.

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