Pool Construction & Restoration Services in Bronxville, NY

Designing a new high-end swimming pool is a massive expense and deserves help from Bronxville’s preferred pool company. To that end, Shoreline Pools extends care packages to fulfill your pool’s needs with regular swimming pool maintenance and cleaning. Under our premium care plans, Shoreline also provides weekly checks, including leak detection, eco-friendly alternatives, safety inspections, winter cover repair, and winterization.

Shoreline Pools is one of the few pool service companies that can provide a full cadre of offerings, pool equipment & technology, and an award-winning pool servicing team. Working under our founder’s principles of service, craftsmanship, and tradition, we focus on precision in our work and always meet strict deadlines when working on your next outdoor backyard project.

What are the Top Requested Pool Features in Bronxville, NY?

A custom-built pool can be as calming for your mind as it is refreshing for your body. Having served tens of thousands of homeowners living throughout New York and Connecticut, we’ve built many pool and patio areas with a wide assortment of innovative and unique features. Between built-in waterfalls, sun shelves, fountains, tranquility gardens, and specialty edges, your pool can be a gorgeous element in your private backyard oasis.

Premium pool features and add-ons also amplify your backyard’s relaxation factor. From minimalist modern swimming pool designs to more formal, elaborate styles, the key to Shoreline Pools’ success is our lead designer, John De Feo. After an initial inspection of your outdoor space, the Shoreline team will produce preliminary sketches before delivering blueprints for the full scope of your outdoor pool project. The Shoreline design team even presents 3D images of your backyard concept, so you have a clearer vision before construction starts.

For homeowners wishing to elevate an existing luxury pool, the Shoreline construction team has the experience to integrate other specialized features, including laminar jets, sheer descents, and hot tubs. Our team can take the project a step further by building onto your existing patio with outdoor kitchens, fire pits, & pizza ovens.

How Can Automatic Pool Controls Enhance Bronxville Pool Owners’ Swimming Experience?

In today’s world, any new pool construction project can integrate seamless SMART technology. Now homeowners living in Bronxville can incorporate SMART technology for the upcoming swimming session. From smartphones to smart sound systems, the Shoreline Pools team can install SMART technology to your newly renovated swimming pool.

When it comes to installing automatic pool covers, few pool companies can compete with Shoreline Pools. As one of the most popular pool technology trends, automatic pool controls allow homeowners to control multiple functions of a swimming pool from a simple click of a cell phone.

SMART technology also allows pool owners to turn pool pumps on and off, control the pool heater temperatures, and adjust LED pool lights. Automatic pool controls also yield enhanced safety, reduced energy costs, and ample pool protection so that pool owners can spend more time splashing around all season long.

Let Shoreline Pools Give Your Bronxville Backyard a Makeover

Bronxville is a village in Westchester County, New York located approximately 15 miles from midtown Manhattan. Commuting by Metro-North Railroad train from Bronxville Station to New York City is one of the faster ways to access Manhattan because the express train takes 20-22 minutes to reach Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan.

Bronxville boasts a multitude of cafes and restaurants, as well as mom-and-pop stores such as Womrath Bookshop and Topps Bakery. With over 350 Italian restaurants and pizzerias, Bronxville is a food lover’s haven! Some of the highly rated restaurants in Bronxville include American restaurant Underhills Crossing, Scalini Osteria, Haiku Asian Bistro, Rosie’s Bistro Italiano, Park 143 Bistro and local favorite Pondfield Cafe. Bronxville is also home to Concordia College New York and Sarah Lawrence College. Nearby outdoor attractions to explore include Bronx River Parkway, Twin Lakes Park, Sagamore Road Playground, Tibbetts Brook Park, and Untermyer Gardens.

A fresh pool installation or restoration project allows you to remodel your backyard into an exclusive haven from everyday stresses. The Shoreline Pools crew will track every detail in your custom plan so that no aspect goes unnoticed. With our effective green-pool technology and stocked warehouse of chemicals and parts, we guarantee you’ll splash around in your restored Bronxville pool in no time, allowing your family to make heartwarming memories for years to come.

From small renovations to large-scale construction projects, the Shoreline Pools team looks forward to fulfilling all your pool-related needs. Give your backyard space some love by giving Shoreline Pools a call today at (203) 357-1544.

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