Luxury Swimming Pool Services in Norwalk, CT

Shoreline Pools is the largest swimming pool company in the northeast. With a fleet of over 100 construction and service vehicles, we have more coverage in Fairfield County than any other swimming pool company. When designing a custom swimming pool and outdoor living space in Connecticut, the Shoreline design team will guide you in selecting the pool and patio features that will fit your lifestyle, maximize the time spent enjoying your backyard, and enhance your home’s existing landscape and architectural style. Founded on the goals of service, craftsmanship, and tradition, Shoreline utilizes the best methods and finest materials when it comes to pool construction and renovation in the surrounding Norwalk area.

How Can Norwalk Pool Owners Keep Pool Water Clean?

Over time, outdoor debris and algae may accumulate and grow in an in-ground pool. To avoid dirty pool water, skimming the pool a few times each week will better ensure your pool stays sparkling clear all summer long. But more extreme cases of dirty pool water may call for deeper cleanings such as vacuuming and scrubbing the floor and side. Cleaning out the pool filter regularly will also help keep pool water clear and cloud-free. Through routine pool filter cleanings, Norwalk-based homeowners will have an easier time spotting and replacing broken equipment such as pool filters.

To return water to its original clear state, homeowners must shock the pool. Shocking a pool elevates the chlorine levels to purge any lingering bacteria. Although this process should only take a full day to clear, outdated pools may need extra attention.

What are Saltwater Pools?

Saltwater pools offer simple and safer maintenance than traditional chlorine pools because these innovative systems eliminate the harsh effects of handling, dispensing, storing, and swimming in significant amounts of chemicals.

Salt-water pool disinfection systems rely on chlorine to kill germs and neutralize contaminants in the water just as traditional chlorine-based systems. But chlorine pools rely on costly chlorine powder or tablets for sanitation, whereas saltwater pools produce their own through a chlorine generator cell. As such, saltwater pools use less chlorine as a disinfectant, which is supplied to the water through a generator. Rather than an erosion system, the saltwater generator uses a form of electrolysis to separate water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen, then combines them with salt (sodium chloride) to form sodium hypochlorite (chlorine), which sterilizes the water. Furthermore, saltwater pools avoid any buildup of chloramines because the chlorine levels replenish themselves constantly.

Welcome to Shoreline Pools: Where Quality Service Meets Expert Craftsmanship

Norwalk, a small town in the county of Fairfield, Connecticut, offers both tourists and residents a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city while boasting an array of fun amenities. Just 45 minutes from NYC by train, Norwalk is nestled on Connecticut’s coast in scenic Fairfield County. This picturesque waterfront town combines historic New England traditions like fishing and boating with a cosmopolitan flair. With two sandy beaches and several ponds, a variety of golf courses, tennis courts, and wonderful parks, the town offers residents a wealth of recreational opportunities. With many notable attractions, families come here for the award-winning Stepping Stones Museum and Maritime Aquarium. But if it’s an aquatic adventure you seek, the Sheffield Island Ferry will take you out for a tour of the 1868 lighthouse with amazing views of the coast and Long Island Sound.

With incredible pool renovations and award-winning construction projects, Shoreline Pools has the required knowledge and experience to transform your backyard into your dream vacation spot complete with beautiful fountains, modern cabanas, welcoming fire pits and many other luxe features. Our leadership team serves on the governing boards for both Northeast Spa and Pool Association (NESPA) and Connecticut Spa & Pool Association (CONSPA). These distinguished positions keep the Shoreline team at the forefront of every state building code change that affects our industry and the safety of our customers.

Come learn more about our pool construction and renovation capabilities by dialing (203) 357-1544 to schedule a meeting with our in-house design team.

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