Pool Construction & Restoration Services in Peekskill, NY

Described by residents as the “best-kept secret in Westchester County, NY,” Peekskill is an urban enclave of about 24,000, just 50 miles north of New York City. Nestled along the Hudson River Valley, Peekskill is a small town with a big city feel. More young couples and families are drawn to this charming town by relative housing bargains, an easy commute, and wonderful blend of city and country living.

Over the last couple of years, Peekskill transformed into the premier destination river town in Westchester County. New to Peekskill is the Factoria complex, which sits on the water next to Charles Point Marina, offering up some of the best river views. In addition to event space, it houses fine dining restaurants and many community events and concerts. Peekskill also sits in the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area, with nearby attractions including the Blue Mountain Reservation, Harriman State Park, Bear Mountain State Park, and Peekskill’s Riverfront Green Park with access to the Hudson River.

Having served homeowners for over 50 years, Shoreline Pools uses the finest construction materials to construct, renovate, and maintain swimming pools throughout Peekskill, NY. Our luxury swimming pool experts work side-by-side with customers to ensure that your swimming pool needs are met, questions answered, and budgets and timelines followed.

Why Do Peekskill Homeowners Need Pool Heaters?

A pool heater is the only tool that will provide clients living near Peekskill with comfortable water temperatures that extends pool usage. When it comes to choosing a pool heater, Peekskill homeowners have three options: gas pool heaters, solar pool heaters, and electric heat pumps. Over time, all pool heaters lose effectiveness. Parts get dirty, sensors stop working correctly, and energy use gets heavier to keep up.

Fortunately, regular pool heater maintenance with Shoreline Pools prevents pool heaters from ever reaching that point by inspecting, testing and cleaning every square inch of your heater. This ensures consistent, high performance. At the same time, a tech inspects the heater for any potential problems – offering solutions that help you avoid big expenses later.

Why Should Peekskill Homeowners Consider Energy-Saving Pool Technology?

Automated pool controls and automatic pool covers can offset rising utility costs with efficient, automatic and synchronized scheduling of equipment operations. Whether designing a new swimming pool, renovating an older pool, or simply seeking the latest service technologies for an existing one, Shoreline Pools has eco-friendly solutions that lower energy consumption, cleaning, and maintenance costs and your pool’s environmental impact. We offer eco-friendly and energy-efficient features such as automatic pool covers, digital pool controls, high-efficiency pumps, filters & heaters, and salt sterilization systems.

Partner with the Preferred Pool Design & Service Company in Peekskill, NY

With incredible pool renovations and amazing construction projects, Shoreline Pools has the required knowledge and experience to transform your backyard into your dream vacation spot complete with beautiful fountains, modern cabanas, welcoming fire pits and many other luxe features. The skilled pool restoration team will elevate your backyard space in a matter of a few weeks. Equipped with advanced 3D technology and backed by years of experience, Shoreline Pool’s staff can meet today’s strict safety and environmental requirements. For more information on our pool renovation or construction process, contact the Shoreline team by dialing (203) 357-1544/ We stand ready to give your outdoor space a much-needed makeover.

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