Backyard Renovation Trends

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With all the home design and makeover shows filling our DVRs, it’s hard to miss renovation mania. But the more interesting trend-within-a-trend is the reason behind renovation mania. Renovations in 2013 aren’t about building bigger or fancier, they’re about achieving relaxed living, finding new ways to gather with family and friends and new ways to enjoy being at home.  Our clients are looking for ways to make the most out of their backyard and to make outdoor entertaining seamless and effortless. Here are the top backyard renovation trends that our designers and architects are already seeing this season:

Outdoor Living Spaces

Not just a back porch, a complete outdoor-interior. Expansive decks, terraces, and patios with designated gathering spaces and entertainment centers complete with weatherproof TVs, pool tables, and heated floors. We’ve designed and installed full-service bars with countertop seating and chic lounge chairs perfect for all types of entertaining.

Swimming Pool Modernization

Homeowners with older pools are updating both structure and design to fit their current needs. Pools owners are adding new entry points, LED lighting, eco-friendly sanitization systems, and energy efficient pumps. And why stop there? You can change just about anything you want in a swimming pool renovation. Want a deeper shallow end or a shallower deep end? Done. Add sun shelves, benches, auto covers, and in-pool umbrellas to make your swimming pool exactly when you want it to be. Our experts will sit with you to evaluate the current condition of your swimming pool and help you determine how you want to be using your swimming pool. Then we’ll create a custom plan for updating structure, mechanics, and/or design elements.

Full Service Kitchens

Custom masonry, granite countertops, and modern appliances combined with unexpected amenities like pizza ovens, BBQs, and wine refrigerators. Homeowners want easy entertaining; having all the amenities from you find in an indoor kitchen accessible just steps from their swimming pool allows them enjoy the fun along side their guests.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Here on the East Coast, our clients are adding features like outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and built-in heat lamps that help extend the use of their swimming pool and outdoor space past the summer months. Add a new dimension to entertaining with a modern glass fire pit surrounded by cozy lounge chairs for the perfect fall nightcap or a custom stone fireplace andAdirondack chairs for roasting marshmallows any night of the week.

In-Ground Spas

It’s the ultimate social and family gathering spot and the perfect place to relax on a summer evening. Pool owners everywhere are expanding pool and backyard usage by adding custom in-ground spas to their swimming pool landscapes. An in-ground spa can be added to the interior of a pool so that the existing automatic pool cover can be used for both. For a different look, the spa can be built completely separate from the pool – closer to the house for nighttime use or even raised from the swimming pool to create a dramatic and custom waterfall feature. Not matter where you decide to build your spa, once you add LED lighting, laminar jets, and poolside digital heating controls, we can promise that you won’t get out until your fingers are very pruned.

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