Save Energy with Green Pool Services

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As technology becomes more advanced, the number of opportunities to make your home environmentally friendly expands astronomically. While “going green” may seem like a fad, the benefits are simply undeniable. Saving energy allows you to reduce your carbon footprint while saving you money. That’s right! Energy-efficient pool technology will save you money! Check out our list of green pool energy services that will increase your pool’s efficiency, save money, and minimize your impact on the environment.

Timers and Remote Pool Controls

Install a timer on your pool’s pumps, filtration systems, heating systems, lights, and automated cleaners. Many of these systems have apps that allow you to access them directly from a smartphone or remote control. Through smart technology, you can dictate what time of day and for how long your pool’s systems run. You can do this on the go rather than running home to turn machines on and off all day long. Additionally, the apps provide metrics to show how often you run certain equipment. This way, you may adjust and optimize for energy efficiency.

Maintaining Water Temperature with Energy Efficient Heaters

Heating your pool is necessary for those wanting to extend their pool season into the cooler months. However, maintaining the desired temperature can be tricky when trying to conserve energy. The three major types of heaters are gas, electric, and solar-powered. Gas and electric heaters are quick and effective but can suck up a significant amount of energy. More importantly, gas and electric heaters may prove inefficient for your pool’s needs. Professionally installed solar-powered heaters are the greenest pool heaters, especially due to the low operating costs.

Solar Covers

Solar Covers serve multiple purposes. Not only do they reduce the number of chemicals that burn off in your pool, but it also helps to maintain the water’s chemical balance. When a pool is left uncovered, water evaporates from the pool requiring you to add water and rebalance chemicals. Using a solar cover helps you spend less time and money adjusting pool chemicals every day. Solar covers also trap heat, thereby reducing your annual heating costs. Lastly, these energy-saving covers keep out debris and reduce the time necessary to clean the pool.

Bonus Tips for Saving Energy

When it comes to pool pumps, select the smallest pump necessary for your pool. In this case, bigger is not always better. The rest of your pool equipment cannot keep up with the higher flow rate, causing damage to the filter and increasing your energy bill. Selecting the appropriate pump size will save the upfront installation cost and a significant amount of energy throughout its lifetime.

Invest in efficient LED lights to keep your party going at night without fear of being wasteful or driving up your electricity bill. Pair this with a smart remote system or mobile app to maximize your control over costs.

Lastly, get to know what hours are off-peak for your town’s demand for electricity and run your systems during those hours. This allows you to spend less while running your pump, filter, and heater for the necessary amount of time.

Invest in Green Pool Services

Although investing in these green pool services may cost more upfront, they will save you precious dollars later. Many towns offer incentives to encourage homeowners to use energy-efficient utilities, like solar heaters. Shoreline Pools are experts in the pool industry and want to help you achieve a fully functional pool that is energy efficient. Give our team a call by dialing (203) 357-1544 to learn more about Shoreline’s energy-efficient services.

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