The Psychology Behind Luxury Pools: How Your Personal Oasis Impacts Your Life

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Creating a relaxing environment in your home—a place where you spend the most time— can be a way to help contribute to your endless search for inner peace and mental stability. If you have the space and budget requirements, installing your own luxury pool can be a great way to bring positive energy into your life. Explore the psychology of a luxury pool and how greatly it can impact you, your family, and your friends.

The Psychological Effects of Water

If we set aside the well-known statistic that the human body is 70% water, it’s still evident that water plays a crucial role in regulating both our physical and mental well-being. Everything about a clear, transparent body of water, like the ocean, lake, or river has been perceived as a calming, majestic work of art since ancient times.

Merely watching the movement of the water can induce a meditative effect and soothe the overwhelming thoughts and emotions. Marine Biologist Dr. Wallas Nichols created this phenomenon, known as the Blue Mind Theory. Dr. Nichols believes people should be close to water; it offers a remedy for anxiety and a boost for a positive and grateful mindset. For those who do not live near natural bodies of water, a manufactured one can significantly contribute to achieving the same effects as well.

What Makes a Pool Luxurious?

The transformation process from a standard pool to a luxury one can vary depending on each household’s preferences, budget, and the environment of the surrounding grounds. In fact, transforming a pool requires a combination of creative design, high quality materials, and detail-oriented finishes. Here are some ways to achieve your own luxurious pool.

Be creative with your pool finishes

Nothing is more important for upgrading a pool than to focus on the exterior of it. Rather than opting for cheap and bland materials, invest in some premium natural stones, glass tiles, and mosaic designs for a splash of color and uniqueness. With just one glance at the pool, everybody, including yourself will be continuously amazed by the extra touch you have made.

Add extra water features

Relating to the former description about the positive psychologic effects of water, why not try to maximize the effects? Try adding more dramatic ripples to the water by installing a waterfall or a fountain. The gentle movement on the surface and the sound of water flow will create a sense of serenity, enhancing the overall experience.

Comfort is the key

At times, we may not want to get into the water and would prefer to read a book or watch the beautiful sunset by our pool. To accommodate other non-swimming activities, consider adding a couple of comfortable lounge chairs, parasols, and private patios connected to the pool. This allows those who opt out of swimming to still enjoy family activities poolside while remaining comfortable and relaxed.

Install a hot tub or a spa

Sometimes, the moderately cool temperature of the swimming pool water might not be ideal for evening gatherings and for early summer days. Adding a hot tub or a spa can provide a better alternative in creating the soothing swimming experience: relaxing the muscles and including people with health issues or of old age.

Consider Landscaping

Try incorporating outdoor scenery into your pool area by planting trees, bushes, and flowers to make it look and feel more natural. Adding natural elements to the background can give a more sublime experience and become even more visually appealing.

Luxurious Inside and Out

The exterior is what makes the first impression of the pool luxurious or not. However, you can also accomplish internal luxury by ensuring your pool is safe and eco-friendly. While these aspects might not be immediately visible at a glance and could seem disruptive to the aesthetic elements of your pool, prioritizing the safety of the pool’s users and utilizing less plastic along with more recyclable and reusable materials can significantly enhance the overall quality and sustainability of your luxurious oasis. This can add a deeper insight into what constitutes a luxury pool, which can certainly be beyond just appearance.

A Luxury Pool Taken Straight from Your Dreams

With Shoreline Pools, we specialize in transforming ordinary backyard pools into extraordinary, luxurious oases. Our team of expert professionals is dedicated to providing the highest quality craftsmanship and personalized service to bring your dream pool to life. Elevate your outdoor space and enhance the quality of your life, as well as that of your loved ones, by turning your dull, basic pool into a unique and stunning one. Contact us at (203) 357-1544 for more information and to make your dream pool come true!

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