Simple Tips for New Pool Owners

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Congratulations on owning a swimming pool! You put a lot of thought and planning into building your own pool and now your dream is a reality. It’s a wonderful addition to your home because you, family members, and friends enjoy it. However, owning this pool is a big responsibility, since it will require daily work and safety features. Keep reading for some tips to keep your pool in top-notch condition!

Clean the Pool Regularly

Like cleaning your house every week, vacuuming out your car, or maintaining your backyard, your swimming pool must be kept clean. This is essential to ensure a safe, healthy, and clean pool that’s ready for use! Use your pool skimmer daily to remove any debris and insects that are floating inside your swimming pool.

Also, vacuum the walls and floor of your pool and clean the filter and pump at least once a week to get rid of any litter and stimulate good water circulation. Plus, cleaning the pool will keep algae away! Prolong the lifespan of your swimming pool by performing regular cleanings.

Balance the Chemicals in the Water

Making sure the chemical levels within the water are balanced. Prevent green water, slippery areas, and mineral stains within your pool by testing the water chemistry weekly. Pool chemistry is overwhelming to many, but it’s not scary!

Buy testing kits or strips that get submerged into the water and test the chlorine, pH level, alkalinity, and if there’s any calcium hardness. Create a schedule or leave reminders of when it’s time to test and balance the chemicals within your swimming pool to keep your pool’s water healthy and clear.

Run the Pool Pump

By running your pool pump every day, you’re circulating the water while keeping the pool clean. Proper water circulation distributes the chemicals within the water to reach all areas of your swimming pool. During the summer, run your pool’s pump for 8-10 hours during the day. However, if you forget to run the pump or only keep it on in increments, the chemical balance gets disrupted and leads to bacteria and algae growth.

Another time to run your pool’s pump is when you see your pool water is no longer clear. Do you live in an area that experiences storms during the summer or has your pool gotten a lot of use due to a heatwave? Be prepared to see cloudy water in your pool. If this happens, run your pump for 24 hours.

Keep the Pool Filter Clean

A pool filter removes any objects within the pool like dirt, sand, leaves, small twigs, bugs, suntan lotion, threads from bathing suits, etc. The debris sits in a basket once your pool’s filter separates the foreign objects from the water, allowing you to throw away the remnants. However, each filtration system requires different cleaning methods.

For example, cartridge filters need cleaning at least once a month by spraying them with a garden hose. Make sure to clean out your pool’s filtration system at least once a month to have a crystal-clear pool.

Install Pool Safety Features

The No.1 priority that comes with owning a pool is safety. Consider installing a fence around the perimeter of your pool, getting a pool cover to place over your pool when it is not in use, and installing a pool alarm to sound when someone enters the pool area. You should incorporate these purchases into your budget – especially pool covers – as they can better prevent drowning accidents.

Hire a Professional Pool Company for Repairs

When you spot physical damage to your pool, contact a professional pool company to fix the repairs. Unless you know how to fix the issues yourself, leave cracks and damaged equipment to the professionals. You don’t want to spend more money because of further damage.

Shoreline Pools are Ready to Help New Pool Owners!

Owning a pool is a wonderful investment. If you’re new to owning and taking care of a swimming pool, follow these tips to maintain a clean, safe, and healthy pool for everyone to enjoy during the summer season! Shoreline Pools is ready to create and install the backyard swimming pool of your dreams! Dial (203) 357-1544 to speak with a pool professional today!

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