The Benefits of Pool Construction During the Off-Season

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Deciding to build a pool in one’s backyard is an exciting opportunity, though it is important to choose the right season for construction. Most would think building a pool during summer would be a common-sense decision. But what about building it in winter? Building a pool in winter can grant you certain benefits and perks that you otherwise missed out on.

Prices can be cheaper and, since so many pool companies will be idle without work, you can pick and choose which ones work best for you. In our latest blog, we take another look at the benefits of pool construction in the off-season.

Why Building a Pool in the Colder Months is Better

As the temperatures heat up and common pool party dates like Memorial Day roll around, a lot of people become motivated to build a new pool. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best time to build your new backyard oasis. So, if you’re looking at building a pool in the winter, let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know about the process.

Lower Prices

Since so many pool companies are without work in the winter, they will oftentimes reduce their prices to attract clients. Another perk is pool equipment; the prices might be a lot cheaper in the winter as well. If you’re tight on cash, building a pool in spring or fall is a great idea. In addition to this, the pool builders will have more time to individually focus on your project.

Enough Time to Decorate Your Pool Space

Constructing a pool takes a lot of work. It’ll also make your backyard look like a demolition site until it’s finished and installed. Building a pool in the spring means you’ll have more time to decorate your patio just the way you want it. In addition, more time for construction means that by the time summer rolls around, your newly built pool will be ready for action.

Pool Maintenance Practice

Learning to maintain and properly care for a pool can be overwhelming. It can be even more difficult during summer when it’s swelteringly hot. Constructing your pool in the off-season assures you more time to learn how to care for your pool. This way, you’ll be ready for the pool parties come summer.

More Availability

In addition to the price being cheaper, pool building crews usually have greater availability in the cooler months as well. This is because people usually want their pools built in summer. But by having it built in winter, you have more opportunities to schedule the crew on time that works for you.

Schedule an Off-Season Pool Project with Shoreline Pools

Deciding when to build a pool can be tricky. And while there is no perfect time, winter or fall is a safe bet if you’re on a budget. The prices are lower, there’s greater availability, and the results will be ready just in time for that summer pool party. If you have any pool-related questions, Shoreline Pools is here to help. Call (203) 357-1544 to schedule an appointment today!

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