Pool Materials 101: Shotcrete, Vinyl, and Fiberglass Pools

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Do you want to transform your average boring backyard into a serene oasis? Installing a luxurious swimming pool can help you achieve this dream. When selecting an in-ground swimming pool, you will first need to select a material to use for your base. But how do you know whether shotcrete, vinyl, or fiberglass is best? The pool professionals at Shoreline Pools share the benefits, obstacles, and costs associated with each type.

Vinyl Pools Offer Flexibility and Customization

Vinyl lining pools are a flexible and budget-friendly option. Not only is the material smooth to the touch, but also allows for unlimited customization. Vinyl pool installation begins around $35,000, making it an affordable option. This pool material varies in shape, size, and color. But one thing is certain, the liner should range between 25-30 mil to protect against everyday wear and tear. Regarding color, there are many more vinyl liner options than the traditional white steps. One major benefit of installing vinyl is the non-porous material, which makes it easy to clean.

Fiberglass Pools Offer Lower Maintenance and Easy Installation

If you are shopping for a smooth finish pool with quick and easy installation, Fiberglass is your ideal option. This pool material offers a top non- porous gel coat. Not only is the surface smooth to the touch, it helps to deter algae from forming on the slippery surface.  In turn, this means less scrubbing and maintenance. A major benefit is that the fiberglass shell is easy to clean and durable against the wear and tear throughout the pool season.

Further, opt for a fiberglass pool for the quickest installation, as the process takes a maximum of 2-3 days. Fiberglass pools are ideal for upper level installation as they are the most lightweight among pool base materials. The only downside to consider is that fiberglass pools are limited in design, as they’re pre-made in a factory. Fiberglass shells are typically smaller in dimension than other designs. On average, the price for a fiberglass pool begins around $45,000-$85,000.

Shotcrete Pools Offer Custom Design Features

What are concrete pools, or gunite pools? Shotcrete pools are an aggregate and Portland mortar mixture that is sprayed at high pressure through a hose. With this easy application, it’s no wonder it’s often used as a construction technique. This is the highest quality pool material on the market, offering consistency and quality. Shotcrete pools also deliver the most customization potential with endless options from vanishing edges, beach entries, and tanning areas. Shotcrete pools will be the most expensive selection and cost around $50,000-$100,000. Shotcrete pools will be the biggest and deepest pools because the material can handle more water. Moreover, shotcrete pools offer a limitless amount of designs and sizes. Shotcrete pools require high filtration and they require much more maintenance than fiberglass and vinyl lining pools.

How Long Is The Installation Process?

Each of these pools will also vary in construction time. Fiberglass pools usually have pre-made shells. So once you finalize the design, the installation process can take as little as 2-3 days. The installers of vinyl lined pools need to create a custom vinyl lining for the pool, which takes anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks. Since shotcrete pools are built from the ground up, almost every step of a concrete pool allows for customization, when implementing them, they offer no shortcuts. Concrete pools can take between 2-4 months to complete.

Evaluating Long-Term Pool Costs

Homeowners need to remember the long-term costs of having a swimming pool. Fiberglass pools offer the most affordable long-term costs, usually around $3,800. Fiberglass pools usually don’t require any major renovations, which is cost-effective for homeowners.

Vinyl swimming pools average $11,500 in long-term costs. Vinyl pools need their liner replaced every 7 to 14 years, creating a consistent, future expenditure. The pool also needs to be drained to replace this lining, adding to water costs while also taking up additional time.

Shotcrete pools will be the most expensive in the long-term, requiring approximately 4,000 resurfacing and more expensive replacements every 5-10 years, depending on how well you maintain your pool. Focusing on maintenance will save you major renovation costs in the future.

Shoreline Pool Professionals Can Install Your Luxury Pool

Installing a pool using shotcrete, vinyl, or fiberglass offers both advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, you should reevaluate your backyard space, lifestyle, and design aesthetic to help you determine which material to use as a base for your dream swimming pool. By focusing on backyard design, you might find that one material fits your goals better than another. For residents in New York and Connecticut, consult a top pool installation and service company near you today to learn more.  Contact the experts at Shoreline Pools today!

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