What are Robotic Pool Cleaners?

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Cleaning your pool can become time-consuming, requiring a significant amount each week (or sometimes daily). For homeowners wishing to spend less time cleaning the pool every week (or hiring a professional cleaning service), a robotic pool cleaner will keep the water looking sparkling clean without the hassle.

Robotic pool cleaners are the newest trend in maintaining a clean pool. Like a Roomba or a robotic lawnmower, robotic pool cleaners handle the hard work while you spend more time relaxing and soaking up the sun by the pool. As the No.1 pool servicing company in the Northeast, Shoreline Pools rounded up everything you need to know about robotic pool cleaners.

What’s the Difference Between Automated Pool Cleaners & Robotic Pool Cleaners?

Automated pool cleaners have been around for over 50 years. Automated cleaners use wheels or tracks to maneuver around the bottom of the pool and vacuum dirt and grime. However, they clean the pool in a random order, sometimes missing spots. They are easily toppled over and often end up stuck in a corner. While automated pool cleaners are not as expensive upfront, they require more maintenance and attention.

Robotic pool cleaners are essentially small vacuums with brushes that dislodge dirt, algae, and debris from your pool, vacuum it into its filtration system, which then pumps the clean water back into the pool. The major difference between an automated pool vacuum and a robotic pool cleaner is the significant level of intelligence and technology in the robot. These helpful devices map out the pool floor, walls, and waterline. Next, the robotic cleaners will calculate the most efficient route to clean your pool in the least amount of time. Artificial intelligence (AI) then allows the robot to readjust and learn faster paths as it cleans your pool.

Energy-Efficient Features

New electric motors for robotic pool cleaners are extremely energy-efficient and use less electricity than a light bulb. This low voltage makes the device much safer to use in the water and cost-effective for most pool owners. The device has increased maneuverability, allowing it to access every part of your uniquely designed pool without using too much power. Robotic pool cleaners operate independently from the rest of your pool system, easing the strain on the installed filtration system. This will increase the longevity of your pool’s maintenance systems and use less energy to operate the pool’s systems, as well as control the robotic cleaner.

Increased Programmability Allows Personalized Control

If you have preferences on how often you want your pool cleaned, program the robot to only clean during specific times. There are options for a quick clean, like a quick cycle on your washing machine. You can also choose how often you want a thorough clean or the pool areas that need a deep cleaning. The most sophisticated robots come with an app or remote that allows maximum usability for pool owners. Cleaning your pool is as easy as the click of a button.

Robotic Pool Cleaners: The Future of Pool Maintenance

As technology becomes increasingly advanced, robotic pool cleaners become more efficient and intelligent. This saves money, time, and effort and allows you to get the most out of your pool. The experts at Shoreline Pools are committed to designing pools for maximum efficiency. Our renowned team understands all the factors involved in maintaining your pool systems.

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