2017 Pool Lighting Trends

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A new year brings new trends. With spring quickly approaching, now is the perfect time for New York and Connecticut homeowners to consider 2017 lighting trends for backyard areas and updates to your luxury swimming pools. If you are planning on entertaining by the poolside this season, take advantage of your pool during the day and at night by installing vibrant and ambient lights from walkways to inside your pool. Lighting enhances your pool experience by creating a unique backyard ambiance that extends far beyond your pool. As you plan for pool season, dive into these 2017 pool lighting trends.

Illuminate Efficiently & Economically

Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) lights are the most popular lighting option on the market today. LED lights are bright, durable and come in a wide variety of colors. They are also energy efficient using about 80% less energy compared to other pool lights, and you can add LED lights to any pool’s existing design. Many pool owners install LED lights instead of incandescent bulbs because LED lights are heat-resistant and do not contain a filament, which burns out over time. In addition, LED lights compliment the beach area and submerged seating ledges within your luxury pool.

Installing Fiber Optic lights to your luxury pool can visually enhance your swimming pool experience for both family and friends alike. While most light sources like traditional bulbs generate a lot of heat and can be hot to the touch, fiber optic pool lights do not produce heat. In addition, Fiber Optic Lights remain waterproof and moisture-resistant, allowing lights to be submerged without hassle or becoming damaged. Even when placed underwater, fiber optic lights will outlast LED lights. Fiber optic lights come in a wide array of colors such red, blue, and orange, and can easily be installed around your pool or spa area. Still, simple replacement remains the greatest advantage in fiber optic lights. Secured in dry boxes and light domes, fiber optic lights typically run on solar power in order to avoid constant battery changes. Furthermore,  fiber optic lights can vastly illuminate gardens, walkways, and decks.

Floating Lights

New advancements in pool lighting now offer homeowners a selection of floating lights. Transforming your pool for daytime or evening use requires ambient lighting, as harsh floodlights will overpower your space. You can solve this problem by complimenting your luxury pool with soft floating LED lights. Available in floral, balloon, and even animal shapes, floating lights continue to grow in popularity. By simply purchasing four to five floating lights, even a small pool will be bright and pleasing to the eye while medium and large-sized pools require about seven to ten. Floating lights also offer many customization options including various colors such as opaque and white while remaining ideal for a cohesive look with mosaic, glass, stone, and plaster flooring.

Uplighting Your Backyard

The area surrounding your luxury swimming pool should reflect your pool’s aesthetics. Depending on your preferences and location, elegant uplighting has endless options. For example, you can easily transform trees throughout the backyard into magnificent fixtures by night. Ideal tree candidates include Acacia, Banana, Citrus, Holly, Magnolia, Oleander and Windmill Palms.

Pool LightingMeanwhile, areas that fade in the dark tend to make a backyard seem smaller, but creating walls of light along the far perimeters of your backyard connects the unlit areas between the pool, house and walkways. Illuminating your trees and gardens will allow you to enjoy your backyard year-round.

Liven up The Sky with Overhead Lighting

The sun doesn’t have to set completely! Installing overhead lighting with commercial grade string lights can add depth and dimension to your pool and backyard. String lights remain extremely popular and offer a high-quality finish because commercial grade string lights have weatherproof sockets and heavy-gauge wire that provide a longer life span in outdoor settings. These features make string lights the perfect solution for permanent installation on homes, patios, and gazebos. Commercial-grade string lighting installations begin at approximately $800 for 30 feet and 25 bulbs per strand.

Utilizing New Lighting Trends

Luxury pools require the latest fixtures and features to bring your pool to life. Do you want your pool to shine this summer? The experts at Shoreline Pools can best advise functional and stylish lighting for any pool design. Implementing any of these 2017 lighting trends will brighten up your swimming experience this season. Contact Shoreline Pools to brightly display your luxury pool today!

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