5 Tips for Planning an Outdoor Fire Pit and Fireplace

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A well-built fire provides warmth, light, and a great cooking spot for s’mores on a summer’s night. Yet, people often limit their fire pits to a local hardware store design rather than a thoughtful, beautiful addition to their outdoor living space. Well-designed outdoor fire pits can act as the visual centerpiece to a backyard or porch.  Depending on a homeowner’s budget and space, a wide array of fire pits are readily available. The professionals at Shoreline Pools offer many design solutions to both heat up your backyard and create an eye-pleasing area for you to enjoy throughout the entire year.

1. Placement

Investing in an outdoor fire feature will take your outdoor landscaping to the next level. A common area for a fireplace is by a swimming pool or hot tub because it’s the perfect area to dry off and warm up. By placing your fireplace near your home, or in a circular fire pit design, you can marvel at your hardscape from different vantage points within your home. To enhance a rustic design, consider adding a stone fireplace on your deck or porch. For homes with a garden, build your fireplace near its edge to integrate it into the foliage.

Before you light your new fire pit, take the time to examine weather conditions. For areas with heavy rain, leave a drain hole above the height of your patio and the bottom of the fire pit open to allow water to escape.

2. Fireplace and Fire Pit Design

There’s no need to limit yourself to an arbitrary shape. Fireplaces range from circular bowls, traditional in-wall fires, double-sided, or indoor/outdoor. The circular bowl gives your porch area a camping, outdoorsy feel while serving as a centerpiece for cushions and conversation.

Double-sided fireplaces allow for people to congregate on either side, allowing them to spread out; ideal for larger parties. With the right home design, homeowners can have a fireplace they can view inside and outside the home. Some fireplace designs feature an oven opening, allowing for brick fire baked pizza and other barbecue options.

3. Entertaining Area

Fires are a great way to play host to your friends. When deciding whether or not to install one, don’t forget to think of the view you will have from the inside of your home. By placing the feature of your outdoor design in a way that is visible from the inside adds a soothing ambiance that you can enjoy your indoor entertainment while experiencing the outdoors. Also, consider placing the fire pit where warmth can reflect easily (three-sided nooks for example) and keep your guests happy.

4. Size

Choosing the correct size for your fire pit remains essential in determining how many people can gather around and enjoy it. If you plan on entertaining a large crowd, you will need a large outdoor fireplace that has an extended hearth. This will allow for ample seating and entertainment to occur around the fire. However, if you only plan on entertaining a small crowd, a fireplace can be built as small as 3ft wide x 2ft deep x 4ft tall. This size is perfect for a smaller group of people.

5. Property

Before you begin installing an outdoor fireplace or pit, take into account the balance between your design plan and the size of your property. If you have a smaller backyard, opt to install a smaller proportioned fireplace to seamlessly fit. On the other hand, if you have a large backyard with ample space, you have the ability to choose a larger scale fire pit or fireplace.

Installing a Fire Feature in Your Backyard

Fireplaces add a sense of warmth and elegance as well as an opportunity to relax or engage with family and friends. Be mindful of any fire code regulations when building your fire pit. Taking the time to ensure your structure abides by these codes will save you from hefty fines while keeping your family safe. Looking to revamp your backyard with custom fire feature? Residents of New York and Connecticut are welcome to contact an expert pool construction and service company near you today! Get all the backyard design inspiration you need for your next project by following Shoreline Pools on HOUZZ.

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