How to Create the Ultimate Poolside Oasis: Design Ideas and Inspiration

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Summer is in full swing, and the heat waves are coming in hot. Few things compare to the rejuvenating experience of unwinding near shimmering waters after a long, tiring day. This season is a time to make memories, and where is a better place to do that than your own backyard?

Whether you already have a pool or are planning to build one, Shoreline Pools curated a treasure trove of design ideas and inspiration to help you transform your outdoor space into a captivating retreat.

From selecting the right poolside furniture and decor to incorporating lush greenery and captivating water features, Shoreline Pools will guide you through every step of the journey toward creating a luxurious and inviting oasis that will transport you to a world of relaxation and indulgence. So, grab your sunhat and a cool beverage as we dive into inspiration for a poolside paradise.

Landscape Architecture: The New Design Trend

When thinking about landscaping, gardens, trees, and flowers immediately come to mind. But landscape architecture recently made a splash on the scene of pool design. Landscape architecture is the design and planning of outdoor living spaces, such as entertainment spaces.

When designing outdoor living and entertainment spaces, you want to create a comfortable and inviting environment. You will want to add features that fit your lifestyle, maximize the time spent enjoying your backyard, and enhance your home’s existing landscape and architectural style. A well-planned design allows for friends and family to enjoy your oasis with activities such as cooking, eating, gathering, and relaxing. Creating an outdoor living design that is functional throughout the entire year will include features like outdoor kitchens, fire pits, covered patios, and multimedia entertainment systems.

Functional Outdoor Bars & Kitchens: Entertain in Style!

Outdoor kitchens and bars became exceedingly popular over the years. They now consist of more than just a grill and an ice chest. Installing an outdoor bar and/or kitchen area gives you the opportunity to enjoy more time outside with your family and allows you to entertain guests.

The features and designs you could do for an outdoor bar and kitchen are endless! Choosing a countertop that fits in with your design theme is crucial to homeowners. An attractive granite countertop provides an attractive luxury addition to your outdoor kitchen.

Every outdoor kitchen should include a grill, a side burner, a refrigerator, a functional faucet and skin, and trash bins. After you decide to install these essential features, you can decide on which other features you would benefit from having. Popular extra features include an ice maker, a smoker, a pizza oven, wine coolers, and extra storage.

Stay Refreshed & Protected with Shade Structures

Sometimes you just want to sit in the shade and enjoy a nice cold beverage. There are multiple ways you can add shade to your backyard, it depends on your style and your landscape. Umbrellas are an easy, inexpensive go-to for shade. You can place a few around your yard and in the middle of a patio table.

Retractable awnings are a trendy way to provide shade on the patio, you can adjust the awnings when you want a lot of shade or just a tad bit of shade. Both umbrellas and retractable awnings come in a multitude of colors and styles, so you can find some to fit your aesthetic and design theme.

For a large yard, you can add a permeant fixture for shade, a gazebo. Gazebos are very picturesque, making them a beautiful addition to any yard. Pergolas are another beautiful, permanent shade fixture. While providing shade, they also work as outdoor décor. You can add perennial vines, roses, and other climbing plants for additional floral accents.

Fuel the Outdoor Fun with Fabulous Fire Pits

Fire pits allow you to keep enjoying your summer, even after the sun has set. Everyone loves sitting around the fire with their friends and family. A fire pit can be the final addition to a perfect poolside oasis. When installing a fire pit, you can enjoy your backyard even after the summer ends. There are several types of fire pits, you just need to decide which is best for your lifestyle and your oasis.

Propane fire pits are amazingly easy to manage, but they do tend to cost more than other fire pit options.

Natural gas fire pits are a popular option since they are more affordable than propane. A huge benefit of natural gas pits is that you can feed through the gas line from the house. When you think of camping and making s’mores, the wood-burning fire pit is what comes to mind normally. It is hard to beat the nostalgia of hearing the fire crackling and the smell of smoke.

Wood-burning fire pits do take the most upkeep; you must keep it covered when it is not in use and must frequently shovel the ashes out.

Lastly, there are gel fuel fire pits, which are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. There are many designs for gel fuel pits, such as marble, concrete, glass, and more. While these are beautiful fire pits, they do not give off much heat.

Plants & Flowers for a Vibrant Poolside Escape

Softscape design and planting can enhance your poolside oasis and accentuate the beauty of your property. Now that you have decorated your oasis with contemporary furniture and outdoor living features, the last step is to add some greenery. Plants and flowers are a beautiful addition to any home. There are multiple landscape designs you can implement into your poolside gardens for fresh design styles.

Simple & Modern

If your design style is simple, modern, and minimal maintenance, just adding greenery would be ideal. Adding grass around your patio, instead of concrete, adds color and creates a seamless design throughout your backyard. Create the ultimate sleek oasis look by adding concrete planters with sphere-shaped boxwood hedges. If you would rather design your backyard with minimal grass, but still want a pop of greenery, you can outline the back of your house with small plants.

You can also plant a couple of simple yucca plants alongside your pool. You can never go wrong with a simple landscape design, and it allows your pool to become the focus of your backyard.

A Blissful Tropical Paradise

Picture yourself on a tropical island — sitting in your lounge chair, feeling the breeze on your face, with a drink in hand. Sounds perfect right? You can create your own poolside tropical oasis with a few landscaping tweaks. A popular tree to plant for a tropical vibe is the palm tree. You can plant a few around the yard, and it can even provide a little shade!

To create that lush, tropical look you will want to focus on grouping your plants of diverse sizes and colors together. Some of the characteristics to look for when selecting your tropical plants are large leaves, vibrant blooms, and colorful foliage. Not only are tropical plants beautiful, but they can provide a feeling of seclusion when you want to escape life’s responsibilities.

If you have enough room, creating a path to your pool with trees and a lot of plants can provide you with the ultimate tropical feel.

Blooming Beauties

For a classic design, filling your backyards with beautiful blooms is the way to go. Flowers help lift our spirits and bring peace, and this is the energy you want when sitting poolside or cooking dinner with your family. The number of flowers you want depends on your style. You can strategically place planters filled with patio roses around the pool or plant many diverse types of flowers along the pool deck.

A current landscaping trend taking center stage this year is a “bed head” garden. These gardens boast an imprecise blend of structure, glamour, and randomness. One way to create this landscape design is to pair lush hydrangeas with scattered plantings of daylilies ornamental grasses, and more. Another popular landscape design is ivy-covered walls with blooming flowers planted all around. A flowering landscape design invites you in and encourages you to soak up the memories you make.

Revamp Your Poolside Oasis with Shoreline Pools

This is your sign to create the breathtaking poolside oasis that you have always dreamed about. You may not know where to begin and that’s ok, the experts are Shoreline Pools are excited to get you started. Reach out today at (203) 357-1544 to turn your inspirations and ideas into a reality.

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