The Best Backyard Party Themes for Summer 2017

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Summer season means fun in the sun and poolside with family and friends. Hosting a party is more than cooking delicious food, playing good music, and serving refreshing drinks. You’re your backyard bash to the next level by creating a fun theme for guests to look forward to. The experts at Shoreline Pools know the top party themes to make summer 2017 the one to remember forever.

Light Up Dance Pool Party

Pool owners can host an epic dance party right in their pool. Instead of making room for a dance floor, use the pool to substitute. Using LED neon floating pool lights, these lights are plastic orbs controlled with an on/off switch. You can also turn up the night with strobe lights in 6-modes feature colors of red, blue, green, pink, and purple. Entertain guests with glow in the dark bracelets. The latest pool floats include swan, donuts, and pizza shaped inflatables to add to the fun. Decorate your deck, patio or fence by hanging neon string lights. To create an unbelievable party you can hire a DJ, or rent amps and play bass pumping music.

Backyard Camping

This summer bring the camping experience to your backyard and create a fun time for children and adults. Provide your guest with metal skewers and use your fire pit to roast S’mores around the campfire as well as hot dogs. Offer hot chocolate for those chilly summer nights. Create a “make your own trail mix” table to provide your guests with pretzels, assorted nuts, dried fruits, and dark chocolate as options. Play a nature CD or play sing-a-longs on guitar. Spread out some blankets and set up a projector to show classic movies out on the lawn. For a fun activity for kids, plan a scavenger hunt. The camping party is all about engaging and interacting with your guest.

A Mexican Fiesta

This summer, you can celebrate Mexican culture by hosting an outdoor fiesta. Kick off your party by giving guests sombreros. Every fiesta involves tons of dancing. To host a fun activity for your guests, hire an instructor to teach everyone how to do the Jarabe Tapatío (Mexican Hat Dance) or how about a mariachi band? You can also opt to play lively Latin dance music to really get the party going. Decorate the party with colors of the Mexican flag as well as used vibrant colors in paper flower displays or poncho throws on chairs and tables.

Food and beverages are ideal if you mix Americanized Mexican with traditional Mexican cuisine and drinks. Everyone is familiar with a margarita, however, by serving Tejuino or Horchata, your guests will try something new and exciting. A taco bar is an ultimate staple for any fiesta, not only are they familiar with it, guests can load up on guacamole and gauge how much hot sauce fuels their appetite. For a tasty dessert serve flan, jalapeno shaped sugar cookies.

Luau Party

Bring Hawaii to your backyard by hosting a Luau. A luau is all about casual, outdoor fun so make your guest feel as if they are on the beach. Greet guests by indicating the party’s location with a direction board in your walkway. Place lei over each guest who enters your backyard. To set a traditional Hawaiian theme, decorate the premise with Tiki torches, surfboards, seashells, flamingos, paper flowers, and island music. You could decorate the tables with paper grass fringe to mimic a hula skirt. Hawaiian cuisine is best served by placing cold foods in wooden bowls and hot foods on a heated salt slab. Be sure to serve a fruit punch and use fresh fruit to garnish.

For a classic game with an island theme, create coconut bowling. Replace traditional bowling balls for real coconuts and 2-liter empty soda bottles. To make the bottles appear as wooden logs spray paint brown and paint black swiveled lines over them. Another game idea is to hand out hula-hoops to guests for a competition.

Set Your Party Date!

This summer try something new and exciting with one of the suggested popular themes mentioned, as it allows for you to get creative and will get guests excited. Parties require plenty of decorations, food, seating, and supplies so now is the time to start planning your summer bash.

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