The Difference Between Hot Tubs and Spas

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As summer evenings come to an end, a swim session at dusk may leave you with goosebumps as the cool breeze runs across your shoulders. Swimming near sunset may not keep you warm but kicking back and relaxing in hot water will. Both spas and hot tubs will keep you comfortable as nighttime sets in, but what’s the real difference between the two? While a hot tub can do the job to keep your summer night enjoyable, a luxury spa boosts your home’s curb appeal.

The Shoreline Pools team uses a full-service process from permit coordination to engineering services, project management, and everything in between. Having installed countless hot tubs and spas in backyard construction projects, our trained professionals can give your private oasis some extra flair.

Hot Tubs vs. Spas

The main difference between a spa and a hot tub is the installation location—hot tubs are above-ground while spas are in-ground. Still, hot tubs and spas share several commonalities. For instance, hot tubs and spas both provide the same benefits: muscle relaxation, stress relief, better sleep, and improved cardiovascular health. Let’s dive deeper into the differences between a hot tub and a spa.

1). Hot Tubs Can Clutter Your Backyard

While purchasing hot tubs are almost always less expensive than the installation process for an in-ground spa, hot tubs can take away from the luxurious feeling your backyard exudes. They are often a stand-alone addition to the hidden corners of your backyard or placed directly behind the house. Proving particularly true in smaller backyards, stand-alone hot tubs take up precious space that would otherwise house a seating area, outdoor kitchen, or fire pit.

Furthermore, hot tubs run the risk of seeming out-of-place in an otherwise cohesive backyard. Some hot tub models simply don’t match with certain hardscapes, tiles, and shade structures. S,o before you rush to buy a new hot tub, consider how it fits with your backyard’s existing aesthetic.

In-ground spas are direct additions to your pool that use the same materials (such as stone and pool finish) to create a uniform, cohesive look between your pool and spa. A spa is often directly connected to the front, back, or side of your swimming pool, allowing a quick transfer from the chillier pool water to the warmth of the spa.

2). Customize Spas to Your Liking

Hot tubs come in various shapes and sizes with different features; however, they may not check off every need on your list. When installing an in-ground spa in your backyard, you have complete control over any features you want to add or leave behind. LED lights, water features, an underwater sound system, materials, and layout—the design possibilities are truly endless.

3). Spas Add Extra Value to Your Home

In-ground spas kept in good condition can add resale value to your home’s appraisal. However, the value of hot tubs will depreciate over time, especially as new technology and features come about. If not taken care of properly, non-functioning hot tubs can take value away from your home. Furthermore, you will have to worry about removal fees if you ever choose to move. While initial costs for in-ground spas are often more costly than portable hot tubs, this is often remedied by the added value in-ground spas provide for your home.

Install a Spa in Your Backyard Today

Whether you wish to add a pool and spa or begin a spa reconstruction, the construction team at Shoreline Pools can help! A spa addition can take your backyard to the next level, especially with Shoreline Pools’ construction services by your side throughout the process. With expert masons, an in-house drafting team, and industry-certified pool builders, we are ready to assist you in making your backyard a relaxing environment. Let our team design and build the spa of your dreams that you can enjoy for decades to come.

To inquire about constructing your dream spa, schedule a consultation with us by dialing (203) 357-1544. Don’t forget to also subscribe to Shoreline Pools on HOUZZ for design inspiration you can use for your next backyard project.

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