How Long Do Swimming Pool Tiles Last?

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Many people dream of owning a backyard oasis, envisioning a resort-style pool that will yield maximum relaxation after long days at the office. Building a private luxury pool grants you the freedom to plan out all the design aspects to make it more personalized. Depending on your preference, you can install add-on features, automatic pool covers, or even select a unique pool shape. The customization options don’t stop there! You can also choose the type of water you want in your pool, and how you want to build your pool liner.

Speaking of pool liners, do you leave it as concrete, or do you line your pool with magnificent tile designs? Read on to learn more about using swimming pool tiles for your new pool construction project.

What are the Best Types of Swimming Pool Tiles?

Tile is the most common finish for a pool interior. Tile became so appealing due to its beautiful appearance and durability. Additionally, tiles in a swimming pool aren’t a hassle to clean. Pool liners, the more affordable option, bring upon issues such as rips or creases. But some affordable pool liners can potentially leave maintenance issues and can become a huge eyesore.

Popular swimming pool tile choices include glass, ceramic, natural stone, and porcelain. The more favored choices usually are between ceramic and porcelain for mainly their cost. However, they often steer pool owners towards glass because of the matte finish lacking the eye-catching factor. Still, money may not be an aspect, especially for homeowners wishing to make their pool stand out. Choosing glass tiles can add more expenses but give pools a high-end appearance. The type of tile for your swimming pool ultimately comes down to the look/finish you want to portray combined with the price you’re willing to pay.

How Long Do Swimming Pool Tiles Last?

Most people tend to do a simple google search to find out the answers to a lot of their questions. Despite Google stating that glass pool tiles last approximately 5-10 years and ceramic and porcelain lasting up to 75 years, there truly is no definite answer. Regardless, keeping up with all pool maintenance will effectively expand your pool tiles’ life span. Swimming pool water has the most effect on the pool tiles. If the chemistry/balancing of the pool water is off, there is a high chance of chemicals altering the tile’s surface and look. Furthermore, algae and bacteria could form on the tiles and could cause the tiles to even start falling off.

How to Maintain Pool Tiles

Cleaning is one of those chores that most homeowners despise. In fact, they often try to find ways to avoid cleaning. The uptake of your swimming pool tiles can be more than just a task! You can use fun machines, like a pressure washer. Should you choose to clean your pool tiles with a pressure washer, make sure you select the lowest setting. Despite being an unfavorable approach, an alternative option involves washing the pool tiles by hand. In the end, finding an efficient way to clean the calcium build-up off of your pool tiles can extend their longevity for years.

Professional Swimming Pool Tile Repair with Shoreline Pools

To understand more about lining your swimming pool, check out Shoreline Pools, where you can find a plethora of blogs to help better educate anyone interested in swimming pools. If you have further questions, Dial (203) 357-1544 to speak with any of our professional pool service employees. Furthermore, don’t forget to check out Shoreline’s HOUZZ page to see some of our recently completed pool construction projects.

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