Picking the Right Tile for Your Swimming Pool

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Adding a swimming pool to your home is always an exciting venture. But despite this positive aspect, designing an attractive pool area delivers a plethora of costly decisions. For example, picking out the pool liner color requires extensive planning before any construction can commence. Ideally, you want your swimming pool to match your backyard’s aesthetic, amplify the style, and boost curb appeal.

If you are a pool owner, read on to learn how to pick out the right tile for your outdoor swimming oasis!

Consider Your Budget

Any pool construction will become a costly project. Moreover, pool tiles come in a range of prices based on the material and design. If you’re planning to add tiles throughout your swimming pool, then you will want to choose an affordable tile, such as ceramic. But if the tiles rest at the waterline or only cover a small portion of your swimming pool, then feel free to splurge with more expensive tiles, like glass.

But do not foolishly use cost as the deciding factor. You must consider the material’s durability, necessary upkeep, and solutions to minor damage.

The Pool Tile’s Location

Next, plan where you wish to place the pool tile. In most cases, you have two choices: the waterline and the inlaid. A waterline tile acts as the final addition to your swimming pool since it sits at the waterline. This is a great spot to add a decorative element to your pool while protecting the walls from damage brought on by the sun or harsh chemicals. When opting for waterline tiles, pool owners typically pick a porcelain tile.

Alternately, inlaid tiles give your pool a sleek vibe since you can add tiles to the pool wall, floor, and stairs of your swimming pool.

Consider the Pool Tile Material

Pool tiles are available in a variety of materials and have different elements. Each material yields a distinct set of benefits and drawbacks. Let’s examine them in greater detail.

Porcelain Pool Tiles

Available in cobalt stone blue or serene sea blue and large square size, porcelain tile will give a luxurious vibe to your swimming pool. With resistance to normal wear and tear from chlorine exposure, porcelain tiles will look fabulous for years with minimal upkeep required. Installing porcelain tiles into your entire swimming pool will cost between $2,000 – $4,000.

Ceramic Pool Tiles

Ceramic pool tiles are the most versatile and common tile option on the market. This material is durable, affordable, and available in every color, texture, and design that you could dream of having. While ceramic tiles are an affordable option, ranging between $2,000 – $4,000, they do not reflect the sunlight. This means ceramic pool tiles will not shimmer and shine under sunlight or water due to the stone-like material.

Glass Square Pool Tiles

Most pool construction companies will suggest using small glass squares when installing a saltwater pool; however, this pattern can also appear in a chlorine pool. Glass square pool tiles come in two colors – titanium black iridescent and Modena blue tile. Moreover, glass pool tiles can cost anywhere between $7 to $50 per square foot. Despite being the more expensive option, glass square pool tiles prove incredibly resistant to water and harsh weather changes. Even better, glass square pool tiles rely on minimal upkeep throughout the season.

Simulated Stone Pool Tiles

This type of pool tile pattern will make your backyard feel like an outdoor spa. Made from porcelain tile chiseled to look like stones, some industry experts call this ‘waterline tile.’ For color, you can choose deep blue with gold, natural beige and brown, or slate gray with brown.

Pool Tile Color

Add a pop of color to your swimming pool to boost its uniqueness. Choose a solid color for the tiles, add a mix of colors to create a watercolor design, or show off your creativity with mosaic pool tiles. If you wish to make your swimming pool look luxurious, install white tiles to bring a different shade of blue to the water and make your pool appear larger. Blue tiles – another timeless option – change the water’s appearance from fun and playful to as dark as the ocean.

Want to add some character and uniqueness to your swimming pool? Mosaic pool tiles are appealing and add a sense of character. Made from a variety of small tiles out of glass, porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone tiles, they will fit in seamlessly with the rest of your backyard paradise.

Choosing a Cohesive Pool Tile

When picking out the right pool tile, consider these three factors: cost, quality, and look. The pool experts at Shoreline Pools have designed and installed many swimming pools across the Northeast. Designers will work with you to make your swimming pool everything you’ve been dreaming of having! Ready to design your swimming pool? Call the Shoreline Pool experts at (203) 357-1544 today.

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