How to Create a Backyard Paradise

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You’ve finally installed a beautiful in-ground pool, so now what? Looking around your backyard, it’s obvious that it could use something extra. Paradise is within your grasp, but where should you start? Several approaches can help enhance your backyard pool area, but it’s all about what works for you and your space. Having trouble deciding on what exactly to add? We at Shoreline Pools have some options for you to get some ideas going.

Bringing the Heat to Your Backyard Paradise

Whether during chilly winter evenings or warm summer nights, fire pits allow pool owners to enjoy their backyard area all year round. Not only do they add a pleasant aesthetic appeal, but they also provide warmth for when you and your guests want to kick back and relax during the cooler nights. Fire pits come in many different sizes, shapes, colors, and types. Propane fire pits will always provide a quality fire, but they need to be refilled periodically in order to keep them going. If you get this one, be sure to keep track of when and how often you fill it up.

Gel fire pits are a great option as well, as they burn without producing smoke or a strong scent, and more importantly, are child safe. This choice is great for parents with young children, or if you have aerial allergies. However, nothing beats a good old wood fire pit and that home-like sense of comfort and tranquility that comes with it. The campfire-like smells that emanate from it will immediately put you and your guests into a peaceful headspace. Whatever your choice, installing a fire pit will warm up your backyard paradise.

Enjoy A Slice of Backyard Paradise With an Outdoor Oven

Everyone loves pizza, and everyone loves pools. What better way to enjoy your slices than during a nice day of swimming? Of course, you can always order from your favorite spot, but why not elevate the experience with an outdoor pizza oven? Owning an outdoor over will surely win over your guests, as well as enhance the aesthetic of your poolside area. You’ll have that delicious, unbeatable taste of homemade wood-fired pizza right in your backyard.

Plus, it’s a convenient way to feed your guests during a pool party. Just keep a constant watch on the oven after lighting it. Once it reaches 800 degrees Fahrenheit, you’re just minutes away from reveling in savory goodness. Once you and your guests sink your teeth into a home-cooked pizza, you’ll find yourselves fighting over the last slice of pizza.

Light Up Your Backyard Paradise

Installing a nice set of lights around your backyard helps provide a sense of relaxation and comfort. You don’t want your nice pool to end up looking dull when night falls. Add to the atmosphere with different colors that blend seamlessly. Everyone will appreciate the extra visual flair that comes with the presence of lights. LED lights are your best bet. They shine brightly, are extremely durable, and energy efficient. Set up a well thought out pattern that gracefully compliments your pool/backyard area, and adjusts the color, motion, and brightness accordingly to make your guests feel at ease.

Adding a Hot Tub to Your Backyard Paradise

What’s a backyard paradise without a hot tub? If you’re going to try and spice up your backyard living area, have one put in if you can. You can’t go wrong with a standard hot tub, but having an in-ground one attached to your pool will make for a unique and dazzling visual style. You already know the benefits that a hot tub offers: enjoy the ultimate type of relaxation as you soak in that warm water, leaving you feeling refreshed and stress-free. To make things even more convenient, go for one that remote controls the settings, saving you the hassle. Another good option would be to have an automatic cover to go along with it. With your remote controlled in ground hot tub, you’ll be able to unwind without having to lift a finger. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Cools Drinks and Shade Will Complete Your Backyard Paradise

Everyone enjoys a refreshing swim, but sometimes the heat from the sun can just be too unbearable, even on a nice day. Here’s where you’ll want to add some poolside shading. On your deck or patio, have some umbrellas hovering over your chairs, tables, or even your hot tub. They’ll look beautiful and will provide some extra protection from the sun. If your pool has the correct dimensions, you may even be able to add in a sail shade that hangs directly above the pool, giving you and your guests some extra shade as you enjoy the water. Setting up some backyard shading will enable you to spend more time in your newly crafted oasis.

Just Another Day in Your Backyard Paradise

We’ve given you some great options to revamp your backyard, but why stop here? Do some research and see what works with your area aesthetically and spatially. Just don’t go too overboard, you don’t want to feel like you’re drowning in décor. Even a minimalist approach might be enough to turn your backyard into its own little vacation getaway. Need more tips on how to improve your poolside area? Visit us on HOUZZ and hit that subscribe button!

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