10 Things to Consider Before Installing a Pool

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Designing and installing a swimming pool in your backyard is an exciting time for any homeowner. However, even before any construction happens, getting a swimming pool requires a lot of time and money. Securing the right permits and deciding on the best professional pool contractor for the job are just two of the important choices that this planning process requires. Let’s dive into the 10 things to consider before installing a pool!   

1) Obtaining the Proper Permits 

Before starting any kind of construction, research the necessary government permits you will need. Each town and city have different rules and regulations when it comes to building or digging around your home. For example, in New Jersey, pool owners must have their in-ground or above ground swimming pools enclosed by a barrier, wall, or a fence that is at least 4 feet tall. In California, your swimming pool must sit five feet from your property lines. You surely will want to avoid paying any hefty fines for violating zoning laws like these. So, it’s essential to stay up to date on the rules in your own state or area.   

2) Check Your Property for Utility Lines 

Having a swimming pool underneath overhead utility wires or built on top of utility wires is dangerous; it can cause the water to become electrified. For this reason, overhead electrical wires should be 25 feet away from the swimming pool in any direction and 18 feet between the overhead lines and a diving board or pool slide. Any homeowner who has underground utility wires should seek out assistance to avoid building on top of the important wires. If you’re unsure of any utility wires such as sewer, water, gas, or electric, dial 811 for assistance.     

3) Make Sure Your Backyard Is Able to Have a Pool 

Next, assess your yard to make sure it’s able to handle a swimming pool. If you have a sloped backyard, consider building retaining walls or plan a way to reshape your backyard to prevent your pool from ending up in your neighbor’s yard. Remember, having to correct your backyard will cause you to dip further into your pool budget.      

4) Set a Budget to Cover Costs 

To keep costs down, it’s key to set a budget for installing your pool and for any ongoing costs, as you pay to maintain it. For example, your pool will require chemical treatment to prevent bacteria growth and be safe for swimming. By preparing in advance, you’re preventing any surprise charges that can arise.  

5) Begin Planning Months in Advance 

When homeowners decide to install a swimming pool in their backyard, they begin planning months in advance. Necessary steps like finding the right pool contractor, choosing the right material, and earning the proper amount of money to build it take a lot of time. To ensure your brand-new swimming pool is ready by summer, plan this project about three to six months in advance.   

6) Pick Out Your Type and Shape of Swimming Pool 

As you begin to build your backyard pool, you will have countless shapes and pool types to choose from. Are you looking for an above-ground pool or in-ground pool? If you’re building an in-ground pool, do you want the traditional rectangle shape or looking for something unique like a kidney shaped pool? If you’re the type of person who’s a risk taker, get a kidney shaped swimming pool for a unique flare. Or if you’re someone who keeps up with the latest trends, opt for an infinity edge pool. It may seem like there are endless opportunities with different pool shapes, but choosing the best pool shape gives you the chance to show off your creativity and own personality! 

7) Think About Additions to Build into Your Swimming Pool 

Tie in additional elements to complete the look of your pool with a fun addition! Add-ons like water features, diving boards, and water slides are great elements to get everyone ready to splash around. What’s important to know is that this does not happen during installation. If your budget can’t hold a fun water feature right now, you can keep it in mind for when you take on future renovations.  

8) Incorporate Landscaping Around the Pool 

Add a sense of privacy to your backyard oasis with some beautiful landscaping. Consider planting some trees or bushes to block out the sun or pesky neighbors. Or if you’re looking for a luxury resort vibe, incorporate pebbles around the perimeter or your pool. Speak with your pool professional for tips about landscaping material and ideas.   

9) Install Proper Safety Measures 

Maintaining a safe swimming pool environment is crucial to owning a pool in which everyone to have fun this summer. Find out if your state requires a fence surrounding your pool. For example, Arizona, New Jersey, California, New York, and Michigan, all have different laws about proceeding with proper safety measures. In Arizona, pool owners must install a fence around their pool, no matter the depth or size. In New York, it’s imperative that there is a 4-foot fence surrounding your in-ground pool that includes a self-closing and child-proof gate. Whether where you live has requirements for safety measures or does not, still install a fence to surround your entire pool. One other safety measure pool owner can install is an alarm. The alarm sounds when someone enters the pool area, alerting the pool owner. This is important to have if you have children within your neighborhood or have small children or pets of your own.     

10) Choose the Right Pool Contractor 

Making sure you are choosing the right pool contractor is a necessary decision to make throughout the installation and design process. Professional pool contractors design and build your entire swimming pool with your assistance as well as perform regular maintenance if it’s needed. During your research, see if the professional company has installed pools in your area as well as how much experience they have. Hiring a highly regarded pool contractor keeps your mind at ease, ensuring that the construction process is running smoothly. Some occurrences that could appear that will cause problems with the wrong pool company are poor workmanship and an incomplete project, lack of communication, no concern regarding safety, being overcharged, and possible legal issues. Be sure you do your research by looking at reviews, pictures on the contractor’s websites, and getting opinions from other friends or family members who have swimming pools.        

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Building and incorporating a swimming pool to enhance your backyard is an exciting project. While it is a fantastic addition for your friends and family to use throughout the summer season, there are a lot of different considerations to think about and decide. Picking out the right pool contractor, settling your budget for the pool construction and maintenance costs are just a few of the factors that you will have to consider.  

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