Preparing for Swim Season

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With the last few weeks of dreary, rainy days, it’s easy to ignore the covered swimming pool in your backyard. But now is the perfect time to be planning for your pool opening so that poolside weekends can begin as soon as that first 80-degree day arrives. Here are a few insider tips to make sure your pool is running flawlessly exactly when you need it to be:

Call your Pool Service Provider. Schedule your official pool opening and let them know the date you want to be swimming. Discuss concerns you have about your pool, chemicals, or past service and ask your provider to recommend options that will improve your swimming experience.

Check your Chemical Inventory. If you store your own chemicals, it’s time to get them out of hiding and take inventory. Replace any with past expiration dates, re-label those with fading print, and re-order what you need for this season. 

Set Automatic Controls. Think about your typical summer pool usage and turn auto switches and time clock trippers to settings that will balance swim needs with energy conservation and chemical consumption. A few minutes of planning ahead can save a lot of money.

Schedule a Safety Inspection. Most providers will offer this service complimentary. They will confirm that your pool’s safety mechanisms are functioning properly and inform you of new safety technologies available. You should also examine all pool-related lifesaving equipment (poles, life rings, etc.) to make sure they are in good working condition in case of an emergency. Notify your provider if anything needs to be replaced.

Stock the First Aid Kit. And make sure it is close by. Hopefully, you will never need it, but give yourself peace of mind knowing that you are prepared.

Establish House Rules. Make a list of Pool Safety Rules. Display it prominently and make sure to review it with family and guests before anyone swims.

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