Maintaining Your Pool: Season-to-Season

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Having a luxury in-ground swimming pool in your backyard comes with many perks, like the chance to cool off during a hot and humid summer day. But owning a pool also comes with a set of responsibilities. For instance, keeping up with your pool maintenance is vital to keeping your picturesque swimming pool functional. While often neglected, swimming pool upkeep during the offseason will extend your pool’s longevity. Read along below for a breakdown of season-by-season pool maintenance.

Spring Pool Maintenance

With summer right around the corner, springtime is one of the most important seasons for swimming pool owners. The steps a pool owner takes during spring will determine if the pool will open in time for Memorial Day weekend. Although many pool owners hire professional companies to handle their pool needs, others choose to tackle the task without any support!

To begin, scan the surrounding landscape to ensure it will not affect your pool’s quality. Cleaning off the pool cover before you remove it will help the process in the future when you go to recover the pool come winter. Green water will gradually consume your pool, but this is actually a normal occurrence. To quickly eliminate any discolored water, you’ll need to shock (adding high levels of chlorine) the pool water. Remember to replace all of the filters and don’t feel discouraged if you notice that your pool requires extensive repairs from the harsh winter.

Summer Pool Maintenance

Imagine yourself floating in crystal-clear water with the sun’s rays beaming onto your gorgeous skin. Lucky for you, summer will arrive before you know it. But before you can relax and soak up some sun, you need to complete a few essentials tasks. Day-to-day maintenance for a high-end swimming pool starts with understanding and balancing the pool water, chemicals, and pH levels. Without this critical knowledge, you’ll probably struggle with pool upkeep.

But keeping up with simple daily tasks, like skimming the pool, will mitigate pollen, bugs, and other unwanted debris sinking to the bottom of the swimming pool. Luckily, you can sweep the bottom of the pool with a vacuum in the event they creep into the deeper end. Furthermore, pool owners may want to consider scrubbing the tiles on the side of the pool where a chemical build-up may manifest.

Fall Pool Maintenance

Every resident in the New York tri-state area already knows the weather is unpredictable. Despite the temperatures ranging from low ‘50s to high ‘70s, some pool owners will still make great use of their pools. To that end, these pool owners will extend their summer maintenance packages into the fall. But the beautiful change of colors in the trees won’t last long because leaves begin to clutter backyards. As such, the cost of swimming pool upkeep, as well as the winterization process, will increase.

Preparing your swimming pool for winter in the northeast is extremely important as the cold weather approaches. To begin preparing for the hibernation of unsolicited cannonballs, the preparation begins with a deep cleaning. Deep pool cleanings include vacuuming all debris out, removing all toys, cleaning the filters, and glimpse overall technical aspects to assure they are in working order.

Winter Pool Maintenance

Winter pool maintenance can determine your luxurious swimming pool’s future. Being in the northeast, the freezing temperatures and hard winter weather can easily destroy important elements of the swimming pool functionality. As such, you must complete proper winterization steps. Before covering the pool, you’ll want to first balance the pH levels in your pool. You’ll also want to complete a deep cleaning of the swimming pool while removing add-on features like ladders or diving boards.

After resolving all the cleaning steps, remember to empty the chemical feeder, drain the pumps, filters, and heaters, and before finally cleaning all of the chlorinated equipment. At this time, most people in the northeast will cover their pools rather than paying for the expensive choice of heating the pool all winter long, which will deplete your bank account. Lastly, prepare your chosen pool cover and make sure it is secure and is ready to endure the winter months.

Year-Round Pool Maintenance with Shoreline Pools

Although many pool owners can certainly maintain their swimming pool season by season without hassle, many opt for professional pool services. Shoreline Pools is a top-rated pool company that offers unbeatable servicing packages, automatic cover services, and cleaning options. Should you need further information, dial (203) 357-1544 to speak with a pool servicing professional. Furthermore, make sure to subscribe to Shoreline Pools on HOUZZ for design inspiration on your next backyard project.

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