Pool Upgrades That Will Save You Money

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For homeowners, a backyard swimming oasis creates invaluable memories of cannonballs, swim lessons, and summer BBQs. But more importantly, a well-maintained pool can enhance your property value when you eventually decide to downsize or relocate. When you install a new in-ground pool, you make an investment. Incorporating this same idea of smart spending into the pool realm, choosing the right additions and purchases for your pool today can save you tons of money down the line.

Get some guidance about your pool purchases, what will bring you the most future savings, and more with the help of Shoreline Pools. A pool with newer equipment and gadgets does not have to mean it’s more costly!

Get a Robotic Pool Cleaner

A cost-efficient way of maintaining the clean pool you desire involves enlisting the help of a robot. Robotic pool cleaners are the most energy-efficient option for pool owners, as opposed to suction and pressure cleaners, which rely on your pool’s filter system. Compared to the standard filtration system, robotic cleaners spare your system from operational overtime and run at a fraction of the energy. Once you drop them in, they can complete the job within three hours: cleaning your pool’s steps, walls, and other hard-to-reach areas.

Invest in a Variable-Speed Pool Pump

An outdated pool pump could be the second-largest energy hog on your utility bill, only behind your home’s AC and heat units. Though, for a higher cost upfront, variable-speed pumps maintain healthy pool circulation without draining your power and hiking up your energy bills 24/7. This pump investment saves on typical pool pump energy use by 50% to 75%. The source of this saving is its three to eight different speed settings, with built-in timers to ensure the efficiency optimization of both speed and duration. What determines the pump’s performance level? Your pool does — this pump assures the water filters out perfectly for efficient chemical circulation.

Heat Your Pool with Solar Power

While propane and electric heaters will cost an average of $1,700 per year, solar pool heating costs only about $70 on average. This heating method utilizes the Sun as a natural heat source. As your pool filters its water, it passes over several solar collectors and warms up. Furthermore, solar heating pumps last longer than heat and gas pumps, require less maintenance, and are just as efficient as other pumps. If you opt for solar power, a darker pool finish could be another cost saver. Not only will this upgrade gain some aesthetic points, but it will also help absorb more of the sun’s intense UV rays for heat use.

Retain Heat with a Pool Lid

Heat loss, which accounts for 70% of evaporation for outdoor pools, makes your pool heater run longer than it needs to. Pool lids counteract that money-hoarding loss with their barrier between your pool’s surface and the atmosphere above. With improved heat retention from pool lid use, your heater works less, which cuts down on electricity costs. Pool lids reduce pool heaters’ energy use by between 50% and 70%. Pool covers also conserve water by reducing make-up water needed after evaporation and cutting down on your pool’s chemical consumption.

LED Pool Lights

Though more expensive up front than halogen or incandescent lights, LED pool lights will save your spending over time. With greater energy efficiency, these lights require only 42 watts for the same brightness level, as opposed to the 300 to 500 watts utilized by incandescent lights for comparable brightness. So, using LEDs will help you save on costs on your electricity bills. Additionally, these LEDs have a longer lifespan, since most brands’ lights will work for over 20,000 hours, and their tough diodes, or electronic components, will require few replacements.

Upgrade Your Luxury Pool with Shoreline

It may be a hard pill to swallow, but an outdated pool simply is not cost-efficient. Be tactful about your purchases and allow your pool upgrades to bring you some savings by incorporating some of the tips Shoreline has provided above. As a full-service pool company with 50 years of experience, Shoreline Pools is here to help masterfully design your dream pool experience.

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