Must-Have Pool Accessories This Summer

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Summer heat means it is the perfect time to get cool and the best way to do that is by hopping into the pool. To cool off, invite your friends over and host a pool party over the weekend. This list will help your party to be the best it can be with lots of pool accessories for a splashing good time.

Pool Floats

Several items synonymous with pools are the floats and tubes that go into the pool. Depending on your pool’s size and shape, a wide assortment of pool floats and tubes will fit your needs. The inflatable tubes have many designs to choose from to meet your unique preferences. Most floats can be manually blown up or blown up using an air pump machine. Furthermore, large lounge floats can fit multiple people, so long as you have plenty of space in your luxury swimming pool. The smaller floats can cost as little as $15.00 and go up to over $100.00.

Beverage Coolers

When the temperatures rise into the triple digits, cool off with a refreshing, icy beverage. You will need to keep that beverage cool which is where a cooler can come in handy at a pool, particularly on a sweltering summer afternoon. Coolers range from those that float in the water to ones that rest on the land. Coolers also vary in size to fit your party needs.

Chairs & Umbrellas

Being at the pool does not mean you have to be in the water the whole time. Part of the pool is relaxing and soaking in the sun as you lounge the day away. You will need chairs and umbrellas to add the finishing touch to your pool setting. The chairs add a lounging setting to lay out and soak up the sun. If you want to lay out but not always be in the sun, an umbrella would be a fantastic addition to your pool. These items will elevate your pool experience and allow you and your guests to utilize all the pool has to offer.


What is a pool party without music? You can buy a Bluetooth speaker for your party that truly adds to the atmosphere. Speakers are waterproof, so there is no need to worry about having them too close to the pool. They even sit in the pool and float along with you. Just hook it up via Bluetooth to your phone or computer and play anything you want. Speakers go for $28 and allow you to play your favorite songs from up to 50 feet away.

Games & Activities

Pool parties are essential when you have a pool, and what better way to have fun than to play pool games? There are volleyball and basketball floating nets that are a fun activity for the whole party. They retail for $34 and include all you need to start your game with the nets and ball. There are also cheaper options like this paddle set for only $17. In addition to an awesome party setting, pools provide the perfect space to work out, especially using these workout pool tools. With all these fun activities everyone at the party will have something fun to do.

Take Your Pool to the Next Level with Shoreline

Now that you have your summer pool party planned out it’s time to get your summer started and invite all your friends. Shoreline Pools is a leader in helping you make the best pool for your house. Reach out to have a consultation by visiting the Shoreline website or calling (203) 357-1544.

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