Outdoor Entertainment Trends Taking Over 2022

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Backyards keep evolving into luxurious outdoor entertainment spaces. If you want your friends and family to make beautiful memories every time they pay a visit, then you should consider how to make your backyard extra memorable. Outdoor activities—such as cooking, fire pits, and pergolas—will keep the fun going from dusk to dawn. If you haven’t given your outdoor spaces a second thought since last summer, you may need some guidance navigating through the latest entertainment trends emerging in 2022. So, what’s to come for outdoor living areas? As the No.1 backyard living company in Connecticut and New York, Shoreline Pools rounded up the top trends that keep bringing indoor life outside.

Crank Up the Outdoor Sound System

Whether lounging by the pool or completing routine yard maintenance, an outdoor audio system can enhance your work and playtime. Outdoor sound systems made great strides in sound quality, but bass waves interact differently in the backyard than inside your home. If you have concerns about limitations concerning bass, you can purchase weatherproof subwoofers for your system. As with TVs, weatherproof models remain the best choice for outdoor sound systems, especially if you place them on the ground, by a pool, or in another unprotected location. Furthermore, homeowners should opt for a wireless sound system; this way, you will have complete control of your music from the palm of your hand, using your smartphone or smart device.

Let There Be Light

From LED lighting in water features to illuminating stone walkways, lighting sets a tone for outdoor gathering spaces. Different types of lighting (warm vs. cool) and settings (motion activation, dimming) work together to make your property safe and set the right mood. For instance, LED lights installed beneath the spa water surface can create a welcoming glow at sunset and dusk. Your swimming pool designer can work with you to customize your pool lighting features for optimal results.

Pristine Outdoor Lounging Areas

Designing the area around your swimming pool spa is another top trend in 2022. But this year, you’ll want to go beyond a simple backyard porch with expansive decks, terraces, and patios. Once constructed, you can transform your space into an entertainment hotspot with weatherproof TVs, pool tables, and heated floors.

Outdoor Kitchen Installation

Bring the heat to your backyard oasis this summer with a luxury outdoor kitchen. In the past, outdoor fireplaces often stood at approximately 3 feet. But 2022 calls for innovation because we’ve noticed outdoor fireplaces keep growing taller – with some reaching 10 feet! A large and dramatic outdoor fireplace makes a tremendous visual impact when gazing upon your outdoor living space and pool area, and it also defines the living space and seating area.

Don’t forget to consider the countertops in your outdoor kitchen! Homeowners put as much thought into their outdoor kitchen countertops as they do into indoor kitchen countertop choices, making attractive granite countertops an attractive luxury addition to the open-air kitchen. Plus, countertop materials complement the natural elements of your poolside landscaping and backyard space for a unified look that feels more comfortable while being indulgent at the same time.

Embrace Freeform Pools

As an alternative to the classic rectangular swimming pool, a more rounded layout incorporates your choice of spa shape and design. Think curvy with different sizes of rounded shapes comprising this top pool design. Further, the artistic flair of a freeform pool lets you have the only pool of its style in your area, in a modern look.

Create a Unique Outdoor Space Today!

Having a backyard oasis doesn’t just make it easier to host safe outdoor gatherings; it also makes everyday life more enjoyable. Furthermore, a well-designed outdoor space not only reflects your personality while building a comfortable place for your family and special guests. If you want to expand your private outdoor space this summer for maximum entertainment potential, the Shoreline Pools team can meet all your needs. Dial (203) 357-1544 to schedule a consultation with our design team so we can spark new potential into your home’s exterior.

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