Pool Bars and Cocktails

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Nothing beats the summer heat like cooling down in a luxurious pool while entertaining family and friends. Adding a poolside bar can become the center of your summer get-together creating a resort environment right in your backyard. Modern pool bars come in many shapes and sizes, whether it be an in-pool swim up bar attached to an outdoor kitchen, a poolside bar, and barbecue space or even flexible bar carts on wheels for greater flexibility and maintenance. Depending on your space and budget, Shoreline Pools will customize your outdoor space to serve your every want and need for the ultimate summer experience.

Types of Pool Bars

Pool bars can enhance the theme of your outdoor space, whether you are seeking a couple’s getaway or a family friendly feel perfect for gathering over refreshing alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The days of dripping around the deck shivering in your towel while eating food off a flimsy plastic plate are now a thing of the past. For a true resort feel, swim-up bars are gaining popularity due to their appealing look and convenience. For instance, stone pool bar stools and countertops constructed inside pools allows guests to enjoy a refreshing drink without having to leave the cool water.

Depending on the layout and space available, in-pool bars can enhance outdoor kitchens and barbecue areas for an easier way to entertain. For a smaller space, pool bar carts on casters and wheels are perfect to add a beach refreshment stand feel that still adds extravagance to your outdoor space. You can also convert an outdoor kitchen island into a poolside bar. Additionally, you can build a pool bar from scratch to create the poolside bar of your dreams.

Pool Bar Features and Amenities

Pool bars are the center of summer entertainment, so they should also be the focal point of your backyard no matter the layout. By adding a ceiling or overhang with track lighting, as well as softer lighting underneath, the bar can become the focus of your outdoor space. For a full outdoor bar experience, be sure to include a sink, beverage chillers, and glassware storage. Due to the heat and humidity of the summer, as well as the cold of the winter months, it’s important to choose materials that can withstand all weather elements.

Adding extra amenities and design to a pool bar can create any outdoor theme. You can construct a tropical oasis pool bar theme through the use of blue mosaic tiles and a thatched roof. Meanwhile, a five-star hotel themed pool lounge can be yours with granite seating, a pizza oven, and a mounted patio heater.

Pool Bar Cocktails

Once you’ve perfected your outdoor pool bar it’s time to perfect a summer poolside cocktail for your guests. Here are some refreshing cocktail ideas to serve at your opening pool party!

  • Cucumber Margarita
  • Strawberry-Lemon Mojitos
  • Brewsky Sangria
  • Pineapple-Sake Sangria with Jalapeno
  • Rum and Tonic
  • Strawberry Basil Balsamic Daiquiri
  • Watermelon Tequila Cocktail

Contact Shoreline pools for ideas on how to recreate your outdoor space into a pool and bar lounge that will serve as the entertainment spot of the summer. Follow Shoreline Pools on HOUZZ to view our wide gallery of completed pool construction projects.

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