Top Pool Buying Mistakes

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Now that you have decided to plan a luxury swimming pool for your NYC backyard, there are ways to make sure the buying process is smooth.  By avoiding the top pool buying mistakes, you can avoid unnecessary stress now and save yourself from many problems years into the life of your custom pool.

Not Thinking About the Long-Term

Since the addition of a swimming pool is a long-term commitment, make decisions based on how long you plan to be in your home, rather than thinking strictly about your current circumstances.  This affects considerations of the sizes, types, and prices of swimming pools and their components.  A cheaper pool liner may seem like a better immediate decision, but in the long run it could cost more due to the need for more frequent replacements.  Similarly, heaters and other components that may cost more initially wind up costing less over time due their lifespan and quality.

Selecting a Pool Strictly on Aesthetics

While the look of your pool is a key component of the design process, form still follows function.  Consider whether you will be using your pool for family swimming, entertaining guests, exercise, or relaxation. This will guide your choice of fencing, landscaping features, pool spa components, and lighting.  Sharing the purpose of your pool construction project with your contractor will help him or her to customize a design that will meet your needs.

Skimping on Safety

A custom inground swimming pool is a luxury addition to your backyard area, but it poses many dangers if safety is not considered properly during the design process.  Whether you live in Chestnut Ridge or Tappan Valley in Rockland County, Mount Kisco or Pelham Manor in Westchester County or anywhere in the New York tri-state area, there will be local regulations regarding fencing, barriers, and other features that apply to pool projects in your town.  In addition to following these codes, your pool can include technologies that enhance safety, such as automatic pool covers and pump shut-offs and pool deck surfaces.

Not Checking the Experience and References of a Contractors

A reputable pool company will share references for past projects so that you can gather feedback from previous clients.  Make sure to ask your contractor questions as well so that you can gauge how much experience they have in the industry.  Find out what makes them qualified for your project.  Ask about their pool design service, timeline, and specialties.  Make sure they are properly insured as well.

Not Understanding Your Warranties

If you experience any issues with your pool, you will want to make sure that you have a good understanding of what is included in your warranties.  There are many components to your pool, and different manufacturers likely will be involved.  Make sure to find out who to contact to report problems and what the process is for resolving them.  Your contractor can help you to understand the warranties and repair processes for each pool component.

With the proper preparation, the pool buying process can be smooth, and you can be on your way to enjoying a luxury swimming environment in your backyard.  Once you select the most qualified company for your project, your designer and contractor can help you to avoid the most common pool buying mistakes.

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