Pool Safety Tips on How to Protect Your Dog

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While some dogs can swim, it is a common misconception that all dogs can paddle or keep themselves afloat in the swimming pool.  The truth is that when dogs are scared or don’t have much experience, they can forget to use front and back legs for swimming.  Commonly they will use their front legs only, which results in a vertical position that requires a great deal of energy and stamina.  Drowning is a concern for pet owners, but there are ways to protect the family’s cherished pet and still enjoy the luxury of a custom swimming pool.

Mark Pool Exits and Train Dogs to Use Pool Steps

Swimming is a great way for dogs to play with the family and expend extra energy as long as it is done safely.  If a dog is in danger or wants to exit the pool for another reason, he or she should easily be able to find the pool steps.  Recommendations for making the steps easy to find include using markers, such as a landscape element or another visual cue, so that even panicked dogs can find them.  All dogs benefit from these markers, as even those that swim well may occasionally fall in, or they may try to exit at the wrong spot repeatedly and grow tired, which may lead to drowning.

All dogs, regardless of their swimming abilities, must be taught to use the pool steps.  Those that enjoy swimming may find the process more enjoyable, but even those who are reluctant to get in the pool need to know how to exit safely.  Praise and treats are good ways to reinforce proper use of the steps.

Be Prepared to Supervise

Whether your dogs are beginner or expert swimmers, you should be prepared to supervise them in the pool.  In addition to drowning, there is a risk that dogs will drink pool water.  Since chlorine and other chemicals can be dangerous to their health, it is important to be on the lookout for this and to make sure that they always have access to fresh water.

Use Identification Tags or Microchips

When dogs are spending more time outdoors in your backyard pool area, there is a greater chance that they will escape or get lost.  Microchips and identification tags are important if you and your dog become separated.

Protect Your Dog from Chemicals

The people who are enjoying your luxury swimming pool likely will be using a variety of sunscreens, insect repellants, and other products that contain chemicals that can be harmful to pets.  Even some products that are safe on cats or dogs can be harmful to the other.  Make sure to read all of the ingredients and directions on products that you use on or near your pets.  Lawn insecticides, weed killers, and other products also are harmful to pets, and care should be taken to avoid having pets come into contact with these areas.

When you take safety precautions, you can enjoy your luxury swimming pool area with your pet.  The pool can be a great place for dogs to exercise, play, and interact with family and friends.

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