What Is a Beach-Entry Swimming Pool?

 In Pool Construction

Beach entry swimming pools are pools that have a gradual walk-in entry into the pool, much like you’d experience the gradual slope of walking into the ocean from a beach. Also called a zero-entry pool, this swimming pool design removes the need for pool steps, allowing you to just walk right down a gentle slope into your pool.

Your swimming pool design company can work with you to design your choice of beach entry pool, extending the slop as far out as you’d like it, often ending with a few steps into the true depth of your pool.

A beach entry pool offers many ease of use advantages for pool owners who have small children who need to be walked safely into the pool, and your choice of beach entry pool can create an extended area of shallow water that’s safer for little ones to play in. That expanse of shallow water in a beach entry pool is also advantageous for sunbathing in that expanse of shallow water.

Also enjoying the advantages of a beach entry pool are elderly and disables guests who can more easily just walk into the pool without navigating steps, and the many people who experience sports injuries also find it beneficial to gain access to deeper pool waters for their rehabbing exercises than having to use pool steps, which can be difficult for them to navigate when they’re favoring a hurt back, knee, ankle or hips.

And if you have a dog or puppy who enjoys playing in the pool, a beach entry can be safer for your pet than steps or a ladder entry, which can pose falling and drowning dangers for pets not used to pool play, especially visiting guests’ pets who become curious about your pool. You’d just spot the puppy heading into the pool at the start of that beach entry slope and call or fetch him out of danger.

In addition to the functional advantages of a beach entry swimming pool, this design also goes a long way to setting a beachy tone for your pool area. Since the gentle slope of the beach entry pool resembles the beach and ocean, you might create a natural pool design with sand, waterfalls, and beachy stones incorporated into your pool and landscaping designs, allowing you to escape to the beach or to the islands any time you’d like, no passport needed.

Keep in mind that a beach entry pool design requires plenty of space in your yard to allow for the sloping access area and still provide a spacious layout for your deeper pool waters, plus an accompanying swimming pool spa and perhaps a rocky waterfall and other water features. If you’re limited on space, you’re not out of luck when it comes to planning a beach entry swimming pool. You can simply design a beach entry for your pool that extends a distance, leading to several submerged stairs leading you into deeper pool waters. Your swimming pool design company can provide you with ideal designs and options for a beach entry pool in a smaller yard.

So, consider a beach entry pool to be possible for any size or style of pool, allowing you to enjoy this top trend in swimming pool design and an indulgent, escapist, luxurious pool setting for all to enjoy.

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