How to Build a Luxury Swimming Pool During COVID-19

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COVID-19. It’s the plague that that paused the entire world, causing everyday lifestyles to drastically change. While entire countries went under lockdown, the worried humans throughout the world indulged in spending time with family, enjoying the beautiful outdoors, cooking delectable meals, and even hosting socially distanced gatherings! Many people cherished their newfound love for long walks, passing houses with pools. For pool owners, the “stay at home” order seemed like a mini-Staycation. Building anything can be challenging, but building something during a global pandemic exceeds the idea of challenging.

Step 1: Find a Pool Construction Company

Finding a builder and creating a relationship is vital to getting the outcome you want. Three easy ways to find a reputable and reliable pool company include:

  • Google – make sure you take a look at the company’s online reviews
  • Referrals from other satisfied customers
  • Social Media, especially HOUZZ or Pinterest

Clear communication remains paramount when cultivating a relationship with a pool servicing company. Yes, you are spending a lot of money and expecting everything to go smoothly. Be patient and realistic; things happen, and changes occur, especially during COVID-19.

Step 2: Finalize Layouts, Design & Budget

This is the fun part! You can visualize and decide on the pool’s location, shape, add-on features, etc. The Shoreline Pool team strongly recommends creating and sticking to a set budget. You must also finalize pool design details. Concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl are all excellent options for in-ground pools. Concrete is the most common and most expensive pool material, while vinyl and fiberglass offer a more economical option.

Step 3: Kick-Off Construction

The first dig is so exciting; you can finally see some progress in the project. You must obtain the correct permits and schedule a time for excavation. Even though this process looks easy, it takes skill and time. Don’t expect this process to happen in just one day! If concrete is chosen, steel installation comes next. This takes approximately two days and ultimately creates the shape of the pool.

Step 4: Plumbing & Electrical 

Don’t skip adding plumbing and electrical work, as both are essential to a functioning pool. The plumber installs connections, drainage, and filtration. The electrician will run electrical hookups for the plumbing to run smoothly and install lighting. Expect this step to take up to about a week. Still, this process may take longer if you fail to obtain all the correct permits.

Step 5: Shotcrete (when using concrete) 

This step takes about 3-5 days. A big truck arrives with a tank full of concrete and fills the pool! Skilled craftsmen handle the various tools and equipment to shape the pool properly.

Step 6: Tile & Decking 

Tiles get placed on the steps and the upper side of the pool wall. The decking consists of the ground level that leads into the pool. The material you choose should not be slippery and should weather well!

Step 7: Interior Finishing

The interior finish of the concrete is put onto the sides of the pool as a coating (plastered). Water is immediately added after completion of the interior.

Step 8: Pool Startup

A pool start-up technician will ensure everything is functioning well. The tech cleans the pool and deck. After completing the cleaning process, your pool servicing professional will check the balance of water and chlorine (if chlorine is the chosen water type). The chlorine is gradually added and takes a few days to “blue.” The tech should only spend about a day completing the tasks.

Step 9: Final Deck Coating

The final coating of the deck is applied and usually takes a day to dry. This gives the decking a glossy finished look and protection.

Step 10: Landscaping (not necessary to complete immediately) 

Landscaping can get expensive. Some wait to complete this step further down the road while others complete it immediately. The landscaping company of choice works on grass, trees, flowers, bushes, etc. This step usually takes about a week to complete.

Take a Swim & Make a Splash! Partner with Shoreline Pools

Although COVID-19 has brought on some trying times, it has allowed families and friends to bond and get closer with each other. There’s no better way to “stay at home” than to enjoy a beautiful backyard that feels like an exclusive resort. Remember to actively communicate with your project manager, and remain patient while the Shoreline Pools team constructs an exquisite swimming pool your family can enjoy for years to come. Dial (203) 967-1203 to schedule a consultation with our award-winning construction team.

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