Key Factors in a New Pool Remodeling Project

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As another year of fun in the sun wraps up, pool owners may ask themselves if a remodeling operation—however major or minor —is a good idea to implement before next summer. Surprising your pool guests with a new and improved pool next May certainly sounds appealing to any pool owner. For anyone considering the upgrade, navigating the how-to’s and whys of the pool remodeling process is essential.

Planning a New Pool Remodel

First and foremost, if your pool is declining in functionality in any way, a remodel is highly recommended. These issues can range from worn-out lights to a slower filter to leaks in the foundation. While these problems vary in their urgency, even minor ones can lead to more costly issues down the road and are always best to address as soon as possible.

If there are no issues to fix and you’re just looking to enhance your pool, the options for improvement are endless. Look in and around your pool to consider which enhancement would amplify the entire area. You can ponder a simple remodeling job, such as adding a diving board or a fire pit to the exterior of the pool.

A more complex remodel may suit those who are more ambitious with their pool; for instance, adding or changing out the mosaics within the interior of the pool may help give the pool a new flair and smoothness that your guests will love. Also, do not forget the surrounding area! A remodel of the deck between your home and pool, for instance, could be another way to enhance your guests’ experience next summer.

Weigh the Long-Term Benefits

While pool remodels may seem intimidating, the improvements that you make have the potential to substantially improve your swimming and poolside experience. Fixing any functional issues is an incentive that should not be ignored. Not only will fixing these problems benefit your pool now, but it will prevent future complications and keep it in the best possible condition for years to come.

Keeping your pool in ideal condition is a phenomenal way to add value to your property if you plan on putting your house up for sale down the road. Overall, impressing your guests and improving everyone’s summer will always be worth the intense remodeling process.

Review the Cost of a Pool Remodel

While remodeling is a procedure every owner should consider, it is also important to acknowledge the hurdles that may make a pool remodeling impractical or difficult. Cost is the primary barrier for many owners debating renovation, and for good reason: the average cost of a pool remodeling is nearly $10,000 for substantial pool changes. Note that the cost of a smaller renovation is much lower, but prospective remodelers should still anticipate an expensive procedure for their remodel.

Other Considerations with a Pool Remodel

You’ll have an easier time planning the project if you review every factor involved. The time of year that you choose to renovate is key, especially for larger operations. You want to make certain that you avoid any renovation during pool season to ensure the remodeling process does not interfere with any possible enjoyment during the summer. As such, it is best to plan and schedule the renovation for the fall or early spring to allow the construction process to be completed by May.

Also, consider the opportunity cost of the remodeling; more complex procedures can take several days or even weeks to complete and may also require the pool owner’s supervision. This may require the pool owner to take time off work to supervise the operation at home, which some owners may have difficulty arranging. If you plan on choosing a longer remodeling, perhaps consider choosing a time of year that is more forgiving for your work schedule.

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