5 Signs You Need to Restore Your Swimming Pool

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The winter months and frigid weather are finally ending, meaning summer lies just around the corner! As a proud pool owner, you plan to inspect the necessary equipment, take inventory of the chemicals, uncover the pool, and prepare for the pool opening process. But when you pull back the cover, you immediately notice some funky changes around your pool! Are there any cracks or faded tiles? Does your pool’s floor hurt your feet, or maybe the water refuses to clear up?

When you start experiencing these issues, it’s time to restore your swimming pool to its full potential – a little TLC goes a long way! Here are the five signs that indicate you need a pool restoration project.

1) Visible Cracks in Your Pool

Cracks on the pool deck or inside your swimming pool are the ultimate sign that your pool needs a makeover. Act quickly because cracks are harbingers of structural damage. Sure, some cracks might only be aesthetic in nature, but others may be harbingers of severe structural damage.

Unfortunately, these eyesore cracks will resolve until you replaster your swimming pool. Furthermore, you may want to contact a professional pool company to assess the unsightly damage. These experts can complete a thorough evaluation of the repairs your pool needs.

2) Rough Against Your Feet

Do guests often complain about sore feet after a dip in your pool? What about cuts on their feet? Since your pool will experience normal wear and tear, the surface erodes over time. Once the surface feels like sandpaper, it’s time for a pool remodel.

The process of resurfacing your swimming pool is simple: hired pool specialists get rid of the old plaster, then apply a fresh coat of plaster, giving your pool a fresh appearance. Restore your pool and create a smooth, safe surface for everyone to enjoy throughout the summer!

3) Discolored Pool Water

Do you find yourself testing the water’s chemical balance often, or notice black or green algae appearing? When your pool has a swamp-like appearance instead of crystal-clear water, it’s time for a remodel! Murky water manifests due to issues with the pool pump and filter, imbalanced chemicals, and environmental factors, like severe weather.

Restoring pool water to its former glory only takes a few simple steps: test the water, fix the chemical imbalance (if there is one), analyze the filtration system and pump, and address the pool’s usage. But when you fail to see improvements, you may want to consider bringing in professionals. They have the tools and expertise to get the job done.

4) Outdated Pool Equipment

Monitoring your pool’s filter, pump, and heater is crucial for a smooth-running pool. A swath of issues arises when the pool equipment does not function properly. For example, the pipes can clog or crack, the pump can cause leaks, and the filtration fails to perform. All these issues can engender poor water quality, making your swimming pool unsafe to swim in or look unappealing, as well as raising the cost of your energy bills.

A swimming pool restoration is the ideal opportunity to update your pool’s plumbing system and ensure that the filter, pump, and heater are running effectively.

5) Vintage Swimming Pool

Owning something vintage seems nice, but not when it comes to your luxury swimming pool. Your investment deserves attention and the best care, so why would you keep it outdated?

More importantly, do you think an older swimming pool will spark the same joy a modern pool can deliver? Whether it’s a new tile design or color, incorporating a waterfall, or a plaster refresh, your swimming pool will fit with the times. Show off your modern backyard oasis with a refresh that you are proud to own.

Shoreline Pools is Ready to Restore Your Swimming Pool!

Are you ready to dive into a pool restoration project? The pool restoration professionals at Shoreline Pools are ready to restore your pool to look the way it did when it was first installed. Our Project Manager oversees your entire project and is there to guide you through each step of the renovation process. Dial (203) 357-1544 to speak with a member of our restoration team today!

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