The Perfect Outdoor Furniture for Your Pool’s Sun Shelf

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For pool owners, their summer days involve the poolside, basking in the summer sun on a towel or their favorite outdoor lounge chair. Let’s be real – finding and buying the ideal backyard chairs sounds tedious and troublesome. You need a comfortable lounge chair that matches your private haven, especially if you want to highlight your pool’s sun shelf.

A Baja shelf – also called a sun shelf or a tanning ledge – describes a built-in ledge within the shallow end of your swimming pool. These sun shelves act as ‘safe spaces’ for younger children to splash around. Moreover, a sun shelf is a tranquil spot to relax without fully submerging yourself in the water.

Whether you are planning a renovation project to incorporate this new feature or want to build an entirely new structure, read on to discover the perfect outdoor furniture for your pool’s sun shelf.

The Best In-Pool Chairs: Plastic Resin

Without a doubt, plastic in-pool furniture is the best material to use. The plastic resin material used to create in-pool furniture will endure the harsh chemicals in your pool and the UV rays from the sun. You will not find any chips or cracks in these units, keeping more dollars in your wallet!

Additionally, the plastic resin for in-pool chairs is weather-resistant and capable of handling any splashing and fun in the sun. Since this material ranks popular amongst pool owners, plastic resin chairs come in different shapes and colors that match any backyard paradise. Consider purchasing plastic resin pool chairs, so you can sit on your Baja shelf; you will get the most use out of your tanning ledge this summer!

The Worst In-Pool Chairs: Wood & Metal

It’s common for homeowners to buy wood or metal chairs for their backyard living area. But these materials should never rest in your swimming pool. Since water causes metal to rust and corrode, the residue from the damaged furniture will leave unattractive stains on the floor of your swimming pool. Further, metal outdoor chairs can form sharp edges over time. If a sharp edge catches your pool floor, especially for vinyl liners, you will end up with costly liner repairs.

Meanwhile, wood gradually warps, rots, and decays after sitting in water and sunlight all season long. Even though pool owners typically gravitate towards metal and wood outdoor chairs since they look attractive, these structures should not sit on your tanning ledge. Damage will appear to both the chair and the floor of your swimming pool, with hefty maintenance costs coming your way.

In-Pool Chair Styles

Now that we explored which pool chair materials to use and avoid, it’s time to dive into the distinctive styles available for your sun shelf.

  • Classic Chaise Lounge: The classic lounger is the most popular lounge chair for a sun self. This comfortable design is ready for tanning and can sit in and out of your pool! While you may notice higher price tags from some brands, high-quality lounge chairs can make your oasis look like a five-star resort. Don’t worry about replacing these chairs every summer; the high-quality, durable material will let them stand the test of time. For those yearning for a classic, luxury resort aesthetic, the classic lounge chair is a perfect choice!
  • Double Chaise Lounge: Why settle for one lounge chair when your sun shelf has ample space for more? A double chaise lounge chair is perfect for you and your bestie to soak up some sun on a beautiful summer afternoon.
  • Bask Lounge Chair: For pool owners seeking a modern approach to backyard design, a bask lounge chair is the missing puzzle piece. Like the classic chaise lounge chair, bask lounge chairs are great in and out of your swimming pool. With a built-in cup holder and max comfort, you will never want to leave.
  • Poolside Daybed: For a unique look to your tanning ledge, adding a poolside daybed embodies relaxation. These oversized loungers are perfect for those who want to enjoy a book poolside or even take a nap next to the pool – just make sure you avoid a nasty sunburn.

Whether you want an extra layer of comfort or simply want an excuse to brag to the neighbors, these are the best in-pool chairs available on the market. Think about installing a canopy or an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays and keep your pool furniture from overheating.

Design Your Tanning Shelf Today!

When searching for the perfect in-pool lounge chair for your tanning shelf, the opportunities are endless! Avoid wood and metal chairs to avoid any damage to the chair or your swimming pool and opt for plastic resin, which is the best material to use on your Baja shelf.

If you are struggling to match your style with the perfect tanning ledge chair, contact Shoreline Pools! Our pool experts specialize in outdoor design and have serviced thousands of pools throughout Connecticut and New York. Dial (203) 357-1544 today to speak with one of our outdoor design professionals.

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