Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Your Spring Pool Opening

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The spring pool opening is an exciting yet stressful time of year for homeowners in the NYC area each year.  While pools in regions that have warmer climates may stay open virtually all year, there are more seasonal considerations for pools in NYC and surrounding towns.  Even if you take the proper steps to winterize your pool, there are certain steps that must be followed to ensure that your pool is safe and clean.  Working with a professional who has been trained to handle opening luxury swimming pools can ease your mind and ensure that you have access to the latest industry knowledge, products, and technology.

Begin the Season with a Balanced and Germ-Free Pool

Whether you are using salt sterilization or another system to reduce harmful bacteria and other contaminants, your pool must be maintained at the proper water balance.  This requires testing levels of chlorine or chlorine alternative, alkalinity, pH, and calcium, as well as stabilizers and algaecides or other products you may choose to add.  While it is possible for homeowners to do testing and maintain ideal levels, this task can be a more complex and time-consuming than when it is performed by a professional.  A pool owner may need to dedicate hours to achieving a balanced and sanitized pool while a professional can accomplish this in a fraction of the amount of time.

Since the spring opening is a critical time for water chemistry, it is a good idea to contact a professional team that can help you to start the season with the proper water balance and sanitation.  Many homeowners who decide to take over pool maintenance from that point find it hard to continue the weekly upkeep and decide to work with a professional throughout the rest of the season.

Prepare for Pool Usage with a Safety Inspection

In addition to having experience with water chemistry, professionals who are trained in industry safety standards should evaluate your swimming pool in the spring prior to use.  Homeowners may be knowledgeable about certain aspects of pool safety, but it is possible for them to miss something that a trained professional would catch as a concern.  They also may have recommendations for additional measures you might want to consider in the future.

Identify Structural Problems Early

As with safety issues, it is possible for homeowners to miss a potential problem that has developed with the basic structure of their pool.  For instance, an inground pool may develop issues that cause water to leak over time.  If these problems are addressed early, they can be less costly to fix than when they have progressed.  Homeowners who may have just purchased a home with a pre-existing swimming pool may find this particularly useful.

When preparing their pool for a spring opening, homeowners often choose to work with experts in water chemistry, safety, and repairs.  This provides ease of mind for the upcoming season and can help ensure that a luxury swimming pool remains in top structural condition for many years to come.

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