Money-Saving Tips for Pool Owners

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Owning a luxury pool in your backyard easily ranks among the smartest investments you can make for your home. Who doesn’t like plunging headfirst into a customized inground pool on a sweltering summer day? Further, a private pool makes your backyard the social hub for barbecues, graduation parties, and staycations. What could make owning a pool better? Saving money, of course!

The cost of maintaining a pool can vary tremendously depending on its size, materials, features, and design. But with a few money-saving tips, your investment can give you the most bang for your buck. Still racking your head around ways to cut pool costs? As the No.1 pool company in the northeast, check out Shoreline Pools’ tips to help keep that green out of your pool and in your wallet.

Cut Costs with Automatic Pool Covers

Water evaporation is the number one cause of water loss in a pool. Depending on the climate, a pool can lose up to 20% of its water due to evaporation. So, what is the best way to mitigate excessive water loss? Enter automatic pool covers.

Investing in an automatic pool cover can significantly reduce the amount of water lost and cut down on time spent skimming debris. Pool covers even regulate the pool’s temperature by providing insulation and reducing overall chemical consumption.

Since pool covers block rainwater from entering the water, these nifty devices can help maintain pH levels, saving you money on essential chemicals. Once you purchase your new pool cover, make sure to hire a professional, like Shoreline Pools, to install, service, and maintain your new investment.

Keep Up with Modern Parts

Never underestimate the longevity of your pool equipment. Over time, you will need to face reality and replace outdated parts. One of the most important parts, the pool pump, is also probably the second-largest consumer of energy in your home, next to your air conditioning. Installing a higher efficiency pump can cut your pool’s energy bill by as much as 50%. While the upfront cost of replacing pool parts might feel daunting, the investment will yield significant long-term benefits.

Test Your Water Frequently

Waking up to a pool packed with green water is every pool owner’s biggest nightmare. Now you need to dump money into more chemicals to fix this yucky, green mess. This expensive solution leaves you wondering how you can avoid future occurrences.

By testing your pool’s water frequently, you can keep your pool’s levels stable and fix minor imbalances before they escalate into significant issues. Test strips are cheaper than the amount of shock formula it would take to kill algae. So, using these test strips once a week will keep your pool looking pristine.

Run Your Filter at Night

Be smart about the times you run your pump. According to Consumers Energy, peak energy consumption times range from around 2 PM to 7 PM. Unfortunately, energy consumption becomes more expensive. Nonetheless, switch things up by running your filter outside of peak times. Sure, it requires some extra effort, but we know your face will brighten up when you receive your next energy bill.

Check for Small Leaks

Leaks can be a major cause of water loss. More importantly, these tiny cracks can cause damage to other parts of the pool, especially when pool owners fail to repair the leak. Luckily, identifying the location of the leak is something you can do yourself. Using a dye or bucket test, you can pinpoint the location of the leak. If you are losing water and cannot find the location of the leak, it is more likely that you are losing water due to evaporation.

Cut Pool Costs All Summer Long

Owning a pool is an expensive but rewarding experience. Fortunately, pool owners have a swath of tricks and hacks to cut down pool maintenance costs. Shoreline Pools is here to help you build, maintain, and service your pool all year round. Let us help create the best pool for you and keep the costs down. If you have any questions, give us a call at (203) 357-1544 to connect with our team of pool maintenance professionals.

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