The Various Types of Pool Slide Design Ideas

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Adding a pool slide to your current swimming pool is exciting and something that everyone can enjoy. A pool slide will become a treasured summer memory for kids as they hold competitions for the biggest splash or who slides down the quickest. While pool slides can deliver extra fun during the summer, pool owners have numerous options to consider.

The pool experts at Shoreline Pools gathered a collection of the different pool slide designs dominating 2023. With our help, homeowners can discover the pool slide shape that fits best for their pool, as well as ways to incorporate the design into the existing landscape.

Straight-Leg Pool Slide Design

This simple slide design is optimal for a smaller swimming pool because of its shape. A straight-leg pool slide is straight at the top but has a slight, wide curve at the end where you splash into the pool. Additionally, this slide stands 8-12 feet tall and boasts a staircase instead of a ladder. A straight-leg slide is ideal for families with young children due to the open or closed stairway. For small children, it’s safer to have a closed staircase because it prevents their feet from slipping through the open space. Meanwhile, it is better to have an open staircase for teenagers and adults.

Curved Pool Slide Design

Having a curved pool slide ranks among the most common designs. Like a straight-leg pool slide, a curved pool slide has a straight top and broad curve before plunging into the pool. A curved pool slide also comes with the option to have an open or closed staircase. This simple pool slide design has many opportunities for all ages to enjoy!

Molded Pool Slide Design

For homeowners looking for a steeper and curvier slide, a molded pool slide is a smart choice. Molded pool slides tend to curve to the right or to the left, making the slide even better! This type of slide stands eight feet tall and boasts an enclosed stairway to prevent children from climbing unattended.

Elephant Leg Pool Slide Design

An elephant leg pool slide lets homeowners bring the fun of water parks to their backyard. There are two available patterns: G-Force and Stream.

Once erected, the G-Force design stands nine feet tall and has a 360-degree circular design. G-Force resembles a pasta noodle due to its curvy design.

The stream, also called x-stream, resembles the molded pool slide design. However, this design has a steeper drop at the beginning and can lead to a right or left curve at the end. Stream elephant leg slides stand 14 feet tall.

Furthermore, elephant leg pool slides need more space than the other pool slide options because of their massive size.

Corkscrew Pool Slide Design

A corkscrew pool slide has a 360-degree spin during the entire journey, making this an adventurous trip! For proper safety, this type of slide tends to have a deeper flume. Furthermore, these slides stand eight feet tall, allowing them to weave in the coveted corkscrew aspects.

The Cost of Installing a Pool Slide

The average cost for installing a pool slide ranges between $3,000 and $4,000 after professional installation. A large, intricate slide – like one found in a water park – can cost between $10,000 – $20,000. Homeowners can install a pool slide on their own or can hire a professional for a proper installation process.

Make sure there is enough footprint space, which is the designated area to install the legs and staircase. Follow the instruction manual that comes with the slide to solidify a correct and safe installation. Keep in mind that when getting a pool slide installed, it needs to sit between four feet and six feet of water.

Landscape Designs for a Pool Slide

Homeowners need to also consider the design details surrounding the pool slide. Pool slides come in a variety of colors, but not all styles and sizes are always available. Colors include white, blue, grey, or beige/taupe. Before purchasing, confirm if the color of the slide matches the swimming pool and the surrounding landscape. There is nothing worse than having a pool slide that does not match the deck!

Everyone dreams of sitting near a waterfall in a tropical paradise. Adding a pool slide with a small waterfall, for instance, could make that dream come true! Plus, the correct amount of water falling down the rocks and into the pool will block out noisy neighbors. Next, combine the poo slide with a different feature. So long as the homeowner has a large enough pool, there can be other aspects that people love. For instance, a basketball hoop can bring enjoyment and friendly competition while a Baja shelf is perfect for those who do not want to splash around. The owner has full creativity behind the appearance of their backyard summer oasis.

Slide into Summer 2023 with these Awesome Pool Slides!

Now is the perfect time to add that pool to the current pool or build a new pool altogether. There are plenty of pool slide design options to choose from, guaranteeing summer fun for everyone! A slide can also be the missing piece that will tie the landscape together and feel like a backyard paradise. Contact Shoreline Pools at (203) 357-1544 to speak with our pool experts about installing a pool slide today!

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