The Top Pool Lighting Ideas for Your Pool Area

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Owning a swimming pool means endless summer fun with friends and family! Not only are backyard pools a popular addition, but they deserve as much use as possible during the sweltering summer heat. Installing proper pool lighting around your pool area and within your swimming pool creates a safe and fun environment for everyone to enjoy.

If you want to redo your pool lighting, learn what type of lights to use for your pool deck and your pool to bring your backyard paradise to life!

Lights to Use in Your Swimming Pool

Adding lights inside your swimming pool is essential to follow proper safety guidelines, but also brightens the mood of your garden and pool area. Keeping the pool lights on at night improves night-time visibility, especially if you have children, live in a neighborhood with a lot of children, or have pets to prevent any injuries or accidents from happening. Or they can create an atmosphere for your at-home vacation spot. Here are some lighting ideas to add to your swimming pool.

LED Pool Lights

LED lights are not only the most popular kind of light to add to your swimming pool because of their brightness and durability. Pool owners won’t need to worry about replacing these lights often because LEDs last up to 15 years! Also, LED lights are the most energy-efficient option, resulting in lower energy bills!

LED lights are easy to install and add a soft glow to the water, spreading the light around the pool. Looking to add a different ambiance to your pool or host a pool party? Well, you can program the lights to change color or flash to the beat of the music, bringing your pool party to the next level.

Floating Pool Lights

If you are looking to add a little bit of fun and uniqueness to your swimming pool, floating lights are the way to go! Floating lights are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors, like beach balls, swans, lotus plants, flowers, moons, and disks.

While they add a fun pop of color to your swimming pool, they’re also a great interactive pool toy for your guests to enjoy. Since they float and move with the water, the lights are appealing and bring clear visibility to the surface. There’s no need to worry about batteries or cords because floating lights are available solar-powered or rechargeable!

Fiber Optic Pool Lights

If you are looking for a small amount of light for your swimming pool, check out fiber optic lights. Fiber optic light bulbs sit in a dry box on the pool patio and transfer the light through a cord to the light strips in the pool. These lights sit above the water and add a different shape, or color, or even make the pool water look like a starry night.

Since these lights sit above the water, it’s super simple to change the bulbs, compared to pool lights that are in the wall of your pool. Fiber optic lights produce no heat and are waterproof, allowing no damage when submerged in the swimming pool.

Lights to Use Around Your Swimming Pool

Now that you know what lights to use inside your swimming pool, it’s time to brighten your backyard and pool area. As a homeowner, you do not want anyone to hurt themselves on your patio or even surrounding your swimming pool. By adding proper lighting, you allow friends and family members to move around and see any potential harm. Let there be light in your backyard paradise by incorporating these creative elements.

Pool Deck Lighting

Because it is the summer season, you will notice a lot of movement surrounding your swimming pool. Thus, installing in-ground lighting near your pool deck will illuminate the walking path! Also, it is an easier way to add light without causing obstacles on the pool deck – you won’t need to worry about anyone running into the light pole. Illuminate the perimeter of your pool with in-ground lights to allow as much fun and safety as possible.

High-Quality Tiki Torches

Incorporating tiki torches and elements of fire into your backyard outdoor living space and pool area will bring elements of an island paradise to your private space. When picking out tiki torches, you’re probably thinking you’ll save money by purchasing cheap ones from a store. Unfortunately, you will find yourself spending more to replace these low-quality torches.

If it’s within your budget, opt for high-quality tiki torches made from brass and hard-wired into your landscaping. Keep your Hawaiian paradise cozy by filling the tiki torches with oil and lighting the wick to authenticate a flame or replace them with light bulbs.

Brighten Up Your At-Home Vacation Spot!

Lighting fixtures around and inside your swimming pool allow you to show off your creativity and personality. Incorporating a variety of lighting fixtures in and around your swimming pool will radiate a nice ambiance for anyone who enjoys night swimming. Are you looking to upgrade your pool before summer arrives? Call the pool experts at Shoreline Pools at (203) 357-1544 today to schedule a consolation!

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