How to Create Privacy in Your Outdoor Pool Area

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With smart landscaping solutions including perimeter plantings, fences, and stone walls, it is possible to create a private oasis with your luxury pool at the center.  Here we explore some of the options that will yield a private space for swimming, enjoying the spa, and entertaining.

Privacy Plantings:  Trees and Hedges

When you create a perimeter of plantings around the backyard area, you can create a secluded area that enhances your enjoyment of the pool and spa.  In order to create a more layered look and natural look, consider using a combination of evergreen trees, deciduous shrubs, and flowering plants.  The variety of depth and height creates visual interest and greater appeal.

There are a variety of trees that grow more than 30 feet and can shield the backyard from second story views.  Make sure to find out the growth rate of the species you are considering, as fast growing trees tend to have a shorter life than trees with a slower pace.  Since fast growing species become very tall and wide, it is advisable not to plant them too close to the house or utility lines.  If you select slow growing trees, however, they may not reach mature height for decades.

If deciduous trees comprise part of your landscaping plan, these should be kept far from the pool to prevent the nuisance of falling leaves in the water.  Needle-bearing evergreens and fruit trees can become messy as well. Any privacy plantings that would lead to additional pool maintenance are not recommended.

Popular choices for privacy plantings in the NYC area include arborvitae and boxwood, although there are a variety of types that work well in plant hardiness zone 6, which includes northern New Jersey, Westchester county, New York City, and southern Connecticut.  Dense species that grow well in these areas also can provide a barrier against sound from your neighbor’s yard.

Privacy Fences and Walls

With the wide range of design options for privacy fencing, it is possible to customize a look that fits with the exterior of your home as well as other backyard elements.  Wood or composite fencing can be installed on its own, or in conjunction with plantings if you desire a more natural look that blends in with overall landscaping.  Custom fences can be made in virtually limitless designs and include decorative elements that make them unique.

Beyond traditional fencing, other options include stone walls and custom masonry structures that block your swimming pool area from view. The height and best location of the wall will be determined by factors including the slope of your property.  Mortared stone walls are sturdy, natural-looking, and can be built in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of your property.

Discuss the options for privacy plantings, fences, and walls with your luxury pool contractor.  A specialist can navigate the local codes and requirements that will affect your choice and assess your property to determine the best option.

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