Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

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Your luxury backyard area is the perfect spot to host a gathering for family and friends.  Whether you have an outdoor kitchen, luxury swimming pool, fireplace, expansive deck, or all of these features, you have the perfect location for your next event right outside your door.

  • Plan a movie night. With an HD projector, flat screen TV, and speakers, you can create an experience similar to a drive-in movie or an outdoor film festival such as the annual event held in Central Park.  Make sure to use a weatherproof TV that is designed for outdoor viewing.
  • Invite friends over for outdoor gaming. The same equipment that you use for a movie night can turn your backyard into a hub for interactive gaming using popular systems such as Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Wii, and others.
  • Plan a farmers’ market challenge. While it’s always gracious to provide the majority of food and drinks at a gathering, involving guests makes your event feel more communal.  With the plethora of farmers’ markets in the NYC area, particularly during the spring and summer, you will be giving your friends a good way to showcase some of their latest finds and swap recipes.
  • Throw a pizza party. Homeowners who opt for outdoor pizza ovens have a built-in reason to host a food-themed event.  This can be especially fun for younger guests, who can create their own individual pizzas, but all guests will enjoy the hands-on element to this type of gathering.
  • Invite friends over for brunch. This is a family-friendly way to gather your loved ones without interfering with bedtimes and other obligations.   Relaxing weekend events are the perfect excuse to slow down and enjoy the company of your guests.  The menu can be as elaborate or simple as you choose.  Brunch foods are kid-friendly so you are sure to please the entire crowd.
  • Take your party poolside. Even if you have an expansive backyard and outdoor entertaining area, there is something luxurious about sipping drinks and enjoying food right by the water.  Encourage your guests to enjoy the beauty of your pool by arranging tables and chairs that allow them to relax by the edge.  Some guests will definitely prefer to sip a drink while dipping their feet.  If you have a bar incorporated into your pool design, this works especially well.
  • Gather at sunset. For a truly magical evening, time your event so that you can take advantage of the gorgeous colors of the sunset.  You can transition from the warm glow to a candle-lit evening during which lighting is the key décor element.

Entertaining in your outdoor living area gives you a chance to enjoy the special features you have selected during the design process.  If you are in the planning stages of your swimming pool and surrounding area, keep in mind the type of gatherings you will want to throw.  This can help you to come up with the best plan for your NYC pool project.

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