What Are the Top Trends in Poolside Umbrellas and Shade Features?

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Spending time in a luxury pool is the quintessential way to enjoy the summer months, and your swimming pool area offers many options for entertaining friends and family.  Now that the long days of summer are here, you might be thinking about how to add some shade to your backyard custom swimming pool area.  Poolside umbrellas and shade features can protect your family and guests from sunburn and heat exhaustion, extending the amount of time that you spend outdoors in your backyard retreat.

Umbrellas and Cantilevers

Poolside umbrellas are a convenient, traditional way to provide shade by your pool.  Since they are freestanding and can be moved throughout the day, they can be adjusted as the sun moves, allowing you the most flexibility in terms of shade coverage.  For a more permanent option, cantilevers can be used around your pool area after being installed in surrounding cement.  With a support structure on one side and a canopy that extends over the pool area, cantilevers can be less obstructing to your view depending on their placement.  Since the posts are located on one side and can support a large canopy, they also can be situated to extend over the swimming area.

Retractable Canopies and Enclosures

If you like the idea of a cantilever providing shade for a section of your pool but want to cover a larger area, a retractable canopy is an option that can easily cover a substantial section of your pool.  Spanning support posts that are installed on opposite sides of your pool, this shade feature is durable and allows you to control how much sunlight you allow in your swimming area.  Remote controlled operation allows you to retract the canopy conveniently.

For comprehensive shade control a retractable enclosure can be used to surround your entire custom swimming pool.  With a skeletal structure made of arches trusses, this feature has retractable shades in each section, allowing you maximum flexibility for blocking and allowing in sunlight.  Heating options can help you to extend the amount of time you comfortably use your pool each year.

Freestanding Shade Structures

While a freestanding structure is not recommended for shading a swimming pool, it can create additional outdoor living space that is suitable for lounging and dining areas.  Those seeking shade can take a break from your luxury swimming pool and enjoy some time relaxing in the shade provided by the structure you select.  Options are broad, and the overall design of your swimming pool area will guide the size, choice of materials, and look of your poolside structure.

Shade Sails

When you want to give your pool a more modern look, shade sails are a stylish option that can give your pool area some added design elements.  Sails are effective at blocking out heavy sunlight and UV rays and can be positioned in a variety of angles that may be more visually appealing than a straight canopy.  Multiple shades are recommended to ensure the consistency of shade you are seeking.

With multiple options for poolside shade features, your swimming pool contractor can help you to determine the best choice and placement.

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