Clear-Cut Advantages of Professional Pool Maintenance

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The luxury of owning a swimming pool in your backyard is unbeatable. There’s nothing quite like de-stressing yourself in the pool after a hard day’s work at the office or around the house. However, it seems that everyday working-class Americans struggle to find the time and energy to properly maintain their pool.

Many homeowners consider the “do it yourself” route without truly understanding the advantages of professional pool maintenance. A DIY approach simply cannot match the caliber of service that you’ll see from the professionals at Shoreline Pools. Don’t waste your time, money, and energy laboring over a pool when you can kick back and soak up some sun.

Still not convinced? Well, then take a look at all the clear-cut advantages of professional pool maintenance.

Routine Pool Maintenance is Key

When it comes to swimming pool maintenance, consistency remains vital. Homeowners juggle many jobs and responsibilities in their lives, so it’s understandable why pool maintenance often ranks low on the totem pole of tasks. A busy schedule may make you forget, or you may simply don’t feel like cleaning the pool after working hard all week. Regardless of your reasoning, employing pool maintenance professionals will guarantee your pool stays in pristine condition. Pool care professionals with typically cover the essentials like:

  • Cleaning the automatic pool cover
  • Scrubbing and vacuuming the pool walls, lining, and tiles
  • Checking the pool pump and skimmer baskets
  • Rebalancing water chemistry
  • Skimming the surface and collecting debris
  • Inspecting the filter pressure, along with the backwash function (if necessary)

Protect Your Family and Friends: Have a Safe Chemical Balance

Above all, keeping your pool’s chemical levels balanced remains critical to proper pool maintenance. An in-ground swimming pool becomes more susceptible to bacteria and algae growth when chemical levels drop. On the other hand, your pool may cause skin and eye irritation when chemical levels reach higher levels. Chemical imbalances can also damage your pool equipment, such as heat exchanger damage in your heater. For instance, small pinholes may appear in the heater’s copper tubes in response to overly acidic water. The pinholes eventually cause leaks, which gradually destroys your pool heater. So, neglecting your pool’s chemistry will ultimately leave you with a hefty bill for repairs.

Maintaining the perfect pH level can seem tricky to new pool owners. But if you opt for the DIY approach, check out our 6 tips to help balance your pool’s chemicals.

Save Time & Money on Pool Maintenance!

Homeowners may view cleaning and maintaining their pools as a cathartic experience. Nonetheless, the process still requires several hours of valuable time during the week. With the time you spend cleaning, you could be doing something you enjoy with your family or friends. A professional pool cleaning company—like Shoreline Pools—will save you money long-term.

Professional maintenance technicians can detect and fix minor issues before they evolve into expensive problems. For example, if a technician suspects a plumbing leak, he will use a listening device to determine its location and fix the leak before it causes serious damage. Regular maintenance leads to early detection, which extends the life of your equipment and pool. In return, this will save you tons of money on potential repairs or replacements.

Let’s Make a Plan: Decide How Often Professionals Visit Your Pool

Professionals can provide an overview of what they believe needs consistent maintenance, such as chemical levels, filters, heaters, and cleaners. Their unrivaled expertise allows them to evaluate every aspect of your pool and equipment such as pool pumps and filters, which are crucial in keeping your pool clean.

After the inspection, professionals can provide recommendations for how often maintenance should occur. However, it is up to you how frequently they clean your pool. You have the option to allow the pool cleaning service to maintain your pool once a month, once a week, or several times a week.

Relax This Summer with Professional Pool Maintenance

With summer looming on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about how you want to spend your time. There are clear-cut advantages of professional pool maintenance such as multiple maintenance options, saving time and money, protecting your family, and having a consistent maintenance schedule. It can be frustrating maintaining your pool all by yourself. The maintenance professionals at Shoreline Pools will gladly take that burden off your shoulders!

Dial (203) 357-1544 today to connect with Shoreline Pools’ renowned team of maintenance technicians!

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