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For pool owners looking to maintain functionality, pool safety needs to remain the top priority. Upgrading pool safety technology helps pool owners to stay mindful of the enhancements to make for pool users’ safety. Many types of sensors and alarms can tighten pool security, even when owners are sleeping or out of the house. To help new and existing clients better understand pool safety protocols, Shoreline Pools gathered these helpful recommendations for must-have pool safety equipment

Protect Your Pool With Underwater Motion Alarms

Pool motion alarms are useful when monitoring the state of a pool when unaccompanied and ensure there aren’t any unwanted people or animals that happen to take a swim. These alarms use sonar technology, which is the navigation of objects on or under the surface of the water. An example of a great underwater motion alarm is the Poolguard PGRM-2 and is easily accessible. When this device detects activity, it sends a signal to sound an alarm and can recognize changes as small as 15 pounds.

Pool owners can temporarily turn off this alarm during the day or at night time people want to enjoy a moonlit, relaxing swim. It’s important to turn these alarms back on afterward, especially if there are children around because it’s easier to hear if anyone slips or falls. Although these are sensitive alarms, they will not sound alarms when there’s a small movement in the water, such as wind or other forces of nature.

The Most Secure Options: Pool Covers and Motion Sensors

There are some states, like New York and Connecticut, that require fences and pool covers for extra security measures. In Connecticut, for example, the space between the bottom of a fence and the ground cannot measure more than 2 inches. This prevents any small animals or children from breaching the fence. At Shoreline Pools, our leadership is a part of the Northeast Spa and Pool Association (NESPA) and the Connecticut Spa and Pool Association (CONSPA) to ensure the latest quality of safety services to our customers. There are multiple safety measures in place, including the safety training employees, eventually making them certified professionals in keeping our clients’ pools as safe as possible.

Any pool cover, especially automated covers, keep a pool safe as possible when not in use. More importantly, pool covers prolong a pool’s function, which will save homeowners money in the long run. Pool covers also keep debris from trees and outdoors activities out of the pool so they can run more efficiently; for more information on pool covers, read our blog on the subject! Floating motion sensors are another type of alarms and are known to be inexpensive among pool owners. This type of alarm also sends a signal and sounds an alarm and can trigger from wave motions. With a combination of both of these security measures, protection for a pool becomes more effective and reasonable for families with young children or animals.

Prolongs Your Pool’s Function This Summer

Pool security is essential during both on and off-seasons, seamlessly extending a pool’s functionality by years. Meticulous pool safety ensures a safe environment for family, kids, and guests to enjoy some aquatic fun. As Connecticut’s top pool professionals, Shoreline Pools always provide clients the best services, such as installing pool covers and ensuring security measures for pools. Dial (203) 357-1544 to schedule a consultation with the Shoreline Pools servicing team today.

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