What You Need to Know About Pool Inspections

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The glistening water in your gorgeous luxury swimming pool doesn’t magically materialize. Keeping up with responsibilities comes with great rewards. So, keeping up with your swimming pool responsibilities will set your pool apart from others. Swimming pool inspections are one of those tasks you should never skip!

There are a lot of factors and considerations for pool inspections beyond scheduling an appointment. For instance, how pool inspectors conduct visits, inspection costs, and how often you need an inspection. Have no fear – Shoreline Pools is here to help you understand everything you need to know about swimming pool inspections!

What Does a Pool Inspector Examine?

When swimming pool inspectors pull up to your house, they immediately initiate the inspection process. Once the pool inspection begins, the inspectors will look around and make sure the rest of the yard (excluding the pool) is safe while making sure all surrounding areas near the pool are up to “code.” The pool inspectors will also review not-so-apparent features such as roof gutters. This is strictly because they want to make sure rainwater doesn’t get displaced directly into the swimming pool. The pool inspector will also look at all the pool pumps, filters, tiling, lighting, etc. Many new pool owners feel shocked when they learn that pool inspections do not include water quality testing. They also do not test any visibly broken features.

If you want to earn high marks, follow the checklist below to ensure you’ve covered your bases before the pool inspection.

  • Pool safety is up to code
  • Pool interior and pool lighting meets expectations
  • Proper tiles & decking around the pool
  • The yard beyond the pool is safe and follows all rules
  • Saltwater corrosion (if it is a saltwater pool)
  • The pool pumps and pool filter work efficiently without any errors
  • The pool heater works well
  • Your pool accessories are up to code
  • The remote-control function operates smoothly

How Much Does a Pool Inspection Cost?

Swimming pool inspections are one of those responsibilities you cannot push off. But as expenses start to pile up, pool owners tend to push maintenance and jobs in an effort to avoid another bill. Installing a new pool is an expensive investment, so you don’t want to cut any corners. The pricing for the inspection (every 3 years) directly correlates to your location, pool and backyard size, and the condition of the swimming pool. The inspections range loosely from $100 – $300, depending on the size and scope.

When Should You Schedule a Pool Inspection?

Inspecting a swimming pool is like having an interview. You need to present yourself the best way possible and prove why your skillset makes you a great fit. For a swimming pool inspection, the pool should have a sparkling clean appearance and function properly. In this case, you need to prove that all the moving parts to a swimming pool are performing correctly.

Inspectors will also inspect the swimming pool based on the weather. Whatever you consider bad weather, the inspector also considers bad weather. Thus, they will not complete the inspection. According to the Swimming Pools Act of 1992 No 49, which applies to all indoor or outdoor pools in residential areas, pool owners must schedule an inspection with a private certifier or a local authority at least once every three years.

Pool Inspections with Shoreline Pools

Evidently, the time and effort you put into your swimming pool will give you correlating results. Included in time and effort in direction of your pool is research. You can find extra tips and resources by subscribing to our blog. For more support, dial (203) 357-1544 to speak with one of our professional pool-servicing specialists.

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