Cultivating Serenity: How to Create a Relaxing Pool Environment

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Life outside of one’s house can feel overwhelming, demanding, and fast-paced. Through increased connectivity, moments of serenity are hard to come by, often treated as a luxury to many. However, by cultivating a serene pool environment, one can create a space promoting tranquility in their very own backyard. Through combining natural design elements, aspects of hydrotherapy, and relaxation enhancing layout designs, one’s pool area can quickly transform into a readily available and easily accessible peaceful retreat.

Natural Style Pools

Pool designs can be influenced by many distinctive styles, one of these being a natural style pool. These pools have increased in popularity throughout recent years for their seamless and grounded connections with the surrounding landscape, unlike conventional pools that often have a stark contrast. Examples of this style include strategically placed landscaping like boulders, native bushes and flowers, and grass areas that blend seamlessly with the pool’s edges. Muted earth toned colors and the use of natural resources, like wood or natural stone, for decking and patio materials can further tie these pools into their environment.

An important aspect of natural style pools is their ability to enhance an organic, free-flowing aesthetic. Often, these pools are designed to hold soft shapes like ovals, curves, or free-form edges that mimic lines found in nature rather than harsh geometric shapes. Through the incorporation of lifestyle water features like rock waterfalls, rock curtains, or shallow entries, this further creates a natural feel while silencing outside noises with soothing water sounds. The intentional avoidance of obvious synthetic materials such as fiberglass or vinyl liners also contributes to these pools’ ability to blend into their surroundings. Natural pools provide a tranquil setting, integrated into a greater outdoor space, rather than being an interruption to it.

Relaxing and Organic Ambiance

Creating a relaxing and serene patio, deck, or seating area adjacent to your pool is essential for fully embracing a mindful backyard oasis. This outdoor area embraces peace, allowing for serenity in and out of the water. Examples of this can include cushioned outdoor chairs, center tables, and other patio furniture. Utilizing a soothing color palette, such as lush greens, terracotta, and charcoal, will promote a calming ambiance, mirroring natural colors. Since the seating area is outside of the refreshing water, it is important to have a region of this protected from direct sunlight by overhead canopies, umbrellas, or pergolas.

Organic elements, such as soft lighting, can allow outside enjoyment during all times of the day and into the evening hours. Soft light features with adjustable brightness and dimming capabilities create a relaxing, welcoming, and calming environment. Installing underwater mounted lighting provides ample illumination for safe night swimming while avoiding the potential harsh glare of overhead lights. For areas surrounding the pool, up-lighting stress, landscaping elements, and architectural features is an effortless way to gently illuminate the space without overwhelming brightness. Concealing light fixtures within rock beds or behind planter boxes also achieves a soft, diffused, lighting effect. Low voltage landscaping positioned over pathways, patios, and pool areas, ensures the ability to unwind, relax, and enjoy the calming natures of an outdoor haven.

Having a relaxing patio or lounging space near to the pool is important to achieve a mindful and calming pool environment because it enhances the usability of this area. The patio can also serve as a location to host friends and family to enjoy the environment together.

Monitored Water

In addition to creating a relaxing environment around the pool, it is essential to ensure the pool itself is comfortable. With proper and minimal maintenance monitoring, your pool will stay pristine and clear throughout the warm months, ensuring long-term use. One important aspect of maintaining water quality is installing water heaters to provide a comfortable swimming area. Additional features, such as jet or hot tub spa installations, can further enhance the pool experience.

Enjoying Your Serene Pool Experience

Do not let another summer pass you by without experiencing the luxury of your own backyard oasis. Seize the opportunity and call (203) 357-1544; Shoreline Pools is ready to combine relaxation and functionality to create a poolside paradise tailored for you.

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