The Return of Natural Pools: Recreating a Slice of Paradise

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Cannonball straight into a world where pools aren’t just chemical-filled tubs of turquoise boredom! Picture this: lush greenery, crystal-clear water, and not a single flamingo float in sight. We’re talking about the comeback of natural pools – the real deal in paradise recreation. Forget the typical swimming pool scene; it’s time to embrace a slice of nature, sans the chlorine. Join the cool crowd, as we ride the wave of eco-friendly pool design with a splash of fun!

1. What are Natural Pools?

According to the HCMA journal, natural pools use natural biological water filtrations without chemicals. This means there are no chemicals or devices used to purify the water. Instead, they rely on perennial and hydroponic plants, such as pickerelweed, water irises, bog plants, etc. These plants are highly effective for water filtration and adding a garden pond aesthetic to the pool.

For the past few years, people have sought better alternatives after realizing how much waste and pollution our lifestyles generate. It just makes sense to apply that mindset to designing and installing new pools.

2. The Benefits of Natural Pools

Natural pools have many health benefits and obvious environmental benefits, which show a strong correlation. Even with basic pool maintenance, chemically treated pools can deteriorate the health conditions of those with sensitive skin and hair. Providing a safe environment for all swimmers and being inclusive can encourage the practice and importance of swimming.

Lately, we’ve all been buzzing about eco-friendly vibes on TikTok and other social media hotspots. Picture this: folks are getting creative by thrifting their way to fabulous finds, and some are even turning old plastic into chic furniture hacks. It’s not just a trend; it’s a lifestyle shift indicating a growing consideration for our lovely planet. And guess what? This green mentality isn’t confined to fashion and home decor – it’s seeping into our everyday products. We’re realizing that our well-being is intricately tied to nature. Now, imagine taking that synergy and turning it into a visual masterpiece – that’s where natural pools steal the show!

3. Design Considerations for Natural Pools

Natural pools can enhance the surroundings of the exterior by blending into their natural environment. Adding natural features like stones, pebbles, and even waterfalls for a running water sound effect can enhance the natural beauty of the pool and its surroundings. Plants used to filter the water can add a garden, cottage-core aesthetic touch to it. Many of the younger generations enjoy recreating vintage looks, as you can find in other areas like fashion, interior design, graphic design, and much more.

Therefore, recreating a pool that looks like it has been drawn from Monet’s paintings of water lilies can bring that aesthetic and beautiful landscape to your own home. Bring back the uniqueness and natural form of a non-chemical swimming pool; no more pools that look and smell like a synthetic copy of everyone else’s pools on the block!

4. The Cost Benefits Associated with Natural Pools

Because of the minimal use of technology devices and the elimination of chemical treatment substances, natural pools can be a more economical decision. The operational costs are highly reduced as there are no energy costs. There is no need to cover or drain the pool when not in use during the chilly weather. In fact, your natural swimming pool can turn into an ice rink- if it is safe and solid enough.

Concerns about natural pools being “too natural” are understandable, given that the concept of these pools may not be widely known among the public. Their natural appearance can attract animals and there are concerns about snakes and mosquitos invading the safe space for swimming. Since animals are only attracted to places where there is plenty of food, getting rid of what can be their potential nourishment is the way to keep your pool safe. With the proper understanding of the functions and science behind natural pools, there is not much to worry about!

5. Start Designing Your Unique Natural Pool Today!

We have reviewed the background and benefits of natural swimming pools. While these pools may be a rare find across the country, they’re catching on like wildfire, becoming a hot trend destined for high demand. Armed with proper resources and upkeep, you’re bound to fall head over heels for the enchantment of a natural swimming pool. With the top swimming pool experts at Shoreline Pools, you can install your own trendy and eco-friendly natural swimming pool! Call (203) 357-1544 for more information!

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