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There are several associations that help to unify the Swimming Pool industry. Shoreline belongs to one National organization, one regional organization, and one state organization. These associations help to keep pool builders informed of the latest laws, technologies, and products, while offering a platform for members to network and connect. Whether you are embarking on new construction or a restoration, you’ll hear these acronyms used throughout the process.


The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) represents the pool industry nationally. Today the APSP has more than 20 regional chapters throughout the United States. Their mission is to work with local government officials and agencies, building bridges with local professional communities while providing support, knowledge and networking opportunities to its members. The northeast is Region 1 and the regional affiliate, North East Spa & Pool Association (NESPA), has been associated with the APSP for over forty years.


Since its incorporation in 1958 NESPA has been promoting, protecting, educating and raising the competency levels of its members. Located inHamilton,New Jersey, NESPA is made up of five different chapters: Capital, Connecticut (CONSPA),Long Island, Metro NY-NJ, and Pennsylvania New Jersey Chapter (PENNJERSEY). NESPA works at providing education through their Professional Training Institute (PTI). PTI offers courses to provide the best education and training available in the pool industry. Technicians accrue hours of training through NESPA to achieve many different levels of certification.


Connecticut Spa & Pool Association (CONSPA) is located in Norwalk,CT and provides the Connecticut pool industry with information pertaining to state governmental requirements and codes and acts as a liaison between pool builders and state and local governmental officials. The organization’s focus is on education, holding several dinners, discussions, and panels featuring state officials, lawyers, building officials and others experts with intimate knowledge of the swimming pool industry. CONSPA keeps its members well supplied with up-to-date current licensing requirements and business information.

Major Pool Events

NESPA owns and produces The Atlantic City Pool and Spa Show, one of the largest annual pool shows in the country. Each year, more than 11,000 people come to Atlantic City to take part in the show. The event features a four-day showcase of manufacturers and products, technical and business seminars, and continuing education opportunities for certified professionals, and certification courses.

NESPA also hosts an annual award program to showcase the highest achievers in the industry. Pool builders submit completed projects under several design and technology categories, and submissions are reviewed by the Association and several industry members. Gold, Silver and Bronze winners are displayed with special recognition at the Atlantic City Pool and Spa Show.

CONSPA hosts an annual “Meet the Inspectors Night” for its members. It’s a unique way for pool builders to meet and network with different local Building Inspectors in a social environment and build upon their working relationships. The event is one of the most productive that Shoreline attends every year.

Having access the tools, information, and networking opportunities provided by these associations is an enormous benefit for pool professionals and pools owners. Each of the organizations has dedicated, hard-working staff willing to help and offer the best and most current information. We encourage all of our clients to visit their web sites and read about the organizations and the consumer resources they provide.



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